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Masked singing will guess who is the iron lady after last year's "masked singing will guess", the second season finally came back in the expectation of many people. In the first phase, there were heavyweight guests, among which the restless iron lady opened her voice and was guessed by the jury. The singer Zhang Shaohan, the queen of heaven, was finally overthrown by a member of a guess and evaluation group. Who is the restless iron lady? It's really Zhang Shaohan Do you? Let's have a look!

The sneaker man without friends and the iron lady who can't help. Under the unanimous decision of the guessing and commenting group, the iron lady left behind, and the guessing and commenting group and the guests have full confidence in the status of the iron lady. In the end, more than 60% of them think that she is Yu Kewei, and only 30% think that she is Zhang Shaohan's original Zun. The result is that she is not Yu Kewei. When the restless iron lady was not guessed to go backstage, she also said that she would replace Zhang Shaohan, so who is she? It's too appetizing.

Previously, it was reported that Zhang Shaohan would also take part in the recording of the second season of "masked singing will guess", and the singing track is the roof, so Zhang Shaohan is likely to be an iron lady.

In the first episode of the second season of "masked singing will guess", the restless Iron Lady performs a talent show on the spot -- pasting a mobile phone film. Don't underestimate our "Iron Lady". Even if there is a little accident at the scene, the film is still perfectly finished, which is the necessary quality of our "bridge artist"!

In the first episode of the program, the iron lady who couldn't stay idle was also brushed by netizens because of her film pasting skills. She was dressed in white, with a huge headdress and a thin body, which made many people curious about her real identity. However, when she was on the stage, everyone knew who she was when she opened her voice. Many of the present guessing and commenting groups and guests thought that she was the former goddess singer Zhang Shaohan, because her voice was too loud There's recognition. Being recognized is a matter of minutes. The result disappointed everyone. It wasn't Zhang Shaohan, or Yu Kewei, the singer who imitated Zhang Shaohan. Who is she?