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Does menstruation not adjust eat Ma Fulong to manage to use? Can menstruation not adjust eat Ma Fulo

Maybe a lot of people only know that mafulong is a contraceptive, but they don't know that many girls can also eat mafulong if their menstruation is not adjusted. Then can mafulong treat the menstruation? How about the effect of mafulong on the menstruation? Let's take a look with Xiaobian!

Treatment of menorrhagia with Marvelon

Marvelon can be used to treat menstrual disorders.

Marvelon is a kind of contraceptive, which mainly inhibits the development and ovulation of follicles, and contains two substances, ethinylestradiol and deoxypregnene, which have a certain regulatory effect on menstrual time.

Is the effect of Marvelon in the treatment of irregular menstruation good?

The treatment of menorrhagia with Marvelon has certain effect The hormone content of Marvelon is basically similar to the hormone regulating natural menstrual cycle and pregnancy in vivo, so it has a certain effect on the treatment of menstrual disorders, and it can also improve the condition of menstrual blood.

How does Ma Fulong eat to treat menstruation not to adjust?

In the first day of the menstrual cycle, you can take Marvelon. Take one tablet every day for 21 consecutive days, which is a stage. Then take another one week interval between them. On the eighth day, you can continue to take a course of treatment and stop taking the medicine for another week Generally speaking, menstruation occurs within 2-4 days after a stage.

Notes on Marvelon

1. If taking Marvelon has the initial symptoms of migraine, acute vision disorder, high blood pressure, thrombosis, and the first 6 weeks of operation, pregnancy, pregnancy or jaundice, it is better to stop taking the medicine immediately.

2. People with estrogen dependent tumors, fat metabolism problems, diabetes, vaginal bleeding, history of liver cirrhosis or cardiovascular disease are not suitable to take Marvelon.

3. During the period of taking Marvelon, a friend who likes smoking should stop smoking and should not continue smoking, especially for women over 35 years old.

4. Mothers during lactation are not suitable to take Marvelon. Lactating mothers should not only ensure their own nutrition, but also transmit nutrition to their babies. If they take Marvelon, it may hinder the absorption of nutrition.

5. When taking Marvelon, it is better not to take anticonvulsant and rifampicin, which will reduce the activity of hormones in Marvelon, thus affecting the contraceptive effect.