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Can you use spring rain mask for pregnancy? Pregnant mask application matters

The spring rain mask is a very hot mask. It is a famous replenishment mask in Korea. For expectant mothers during pregnancy, because pregnant skin will become dull, and even have various kinds of pregnancy spots, chloasma appear, so many mothers have such questions, can you apply facial mask during pregnancy?

Can pregnant women use spring rain mask? Pregnant women can not use spring rain mask.

Although it claims no preservatives, the spring rain mask contains flavors and thousands of flavors and fragrances, all of which are highly sensitive components. After pregnancy, the skin becomes very sensitive and can not use this kind of skin care products containing essence. Therefore, pregnant women can not use the spring rain mask.

The benefits of mask for pregnant women are not allowed to use spring rain mask although pregnant women, but some natural, mild, harmless facial mask can still be used, and it is good for pregnant women, as follows:

1. During pregnancy, due to the change of body hormones, the water storage capacity and cell metabolism capacity of pregnant women's skin decreased significantly, and the skin is prone to a series of skin problems such as water shortage, dryness, oil, acne, acne, sensitivity and even inflammation. Most of the mask products have the function of replenishing water, which has a great effect on relieving the water shortage of pregnant women.

2, during pregnancy, the facial skin oil secretion will become more vigorous than the ordinary people. If you can not choose the right pregnant woman to wash the face milk products, use the mask to clean the foundation.

3. During pregnancy, the secretion of estrin, lutein and other hormone components increases, which can lead to the enhancement of skin melanocyte activity. Therefore, it is inevitable for pregnant women to suffer from skin darkening and pregnancy spots. The mask will help to relieve the problem of skin dimming than other cream or lotion products. The safety will be reliable because pregnant women can make use of natural food materials.

Cautions for pregnant women's facial mask

It is not advisable to use whitening mask.

After pregnancy, the usual whitening mask used by pregnant women should be stopped. Because ordinary whitening mask contains some chemical components such as mercury, which are absorbed by the skin, may cause skin allergy, or will infiltrate into the mother's body, and transmit blood to the baby as the blood circulation, endangering the safety and health of the baby in the abdomen.

Pregnant mask should be selected.

The mask used during pregnancy should be selected for pregnant brands such as CLARINS, October angel, pregnant skin, artistry and Yun Miao. Because most of the products of big brands are recognized by consumers, and the safety and effectiveness are guaranteed.

Mask should not be used every day.

Even pregnant women mask products, pregnant mothers can not be used every day, in order to prevent some components absorbed by the skin after too much accumulation, harm to pregnant mother and baby.