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What are the early symptoms of pregnancy how to determine whether they are pregnant?

What are the early symptoms of pregnancy how to determine whether they are pregnant? pregnancy is a big topic that most girls have to face in their lives. For those who can't have children or are not ready to have children, pregnancy is a troublesome thing. For couples or couples who are ready, it's a big surprise in their lives. So how to initially judge whether they are pregnant? What are the symptoms at the beginning of pregnancy? Here's to answer your questions!

Do you feel nausea?

You may feel nauseous or nauseous. Although it's also called "morning sickness", you may feel nauseous and nauseous all day long. Your sense of smell will become sensitive. The taste you used to like may cause vomiting now.

Does breast bilge painful?

If your breast feels tingling, soft and swollen, you may be pregnant. After your body adapts to a lot of hormones, the pain will subside and your breasts will no longer feel uncomfortable Do you feel sleepy?

Originally energetic, you suddenly feel sleepy and tired. The large amount of lutein secretion will make you feel exhausted. You can look at other symptoms to determine your judgment.

Going to the bathroom again?

After the early pregnancy, because of the increased uterine pressure on the bladder, the symptoms of increased urination often appear, so that you frequently go to the toilet. Don't worry, as the uterus gradually increases beyond the pelvic cavity, the frequency of urination will disappear naturally until it reappears in the third trimester.

Like premenstrual syndrome?

Early pregnancy symptoms are very much like premenstrual syndrome, you will feel abdominal pain, breast swelling, vaginal discharge may be a small amount of light powder or brown secretion, make you feel like an 'old friend' is coming.

Suddenly want to eat strange things?

Suddenly I want to eat something sour, or I never liked anything before.

Elevated body temperature

If you measure your basal body temperature every day, you'll find a temperature rise.

Step 2: use accurate physiological test to judge

Wait for your period: you feel some of the above signs and pregnancy symptoms. What should we do now? The best indicator is your menstruation. If your physiological cycle is very regular, then wait for the arrival of menstruation to see what the results are. If menstruation expires more than 10 days, the possibility of pregnancy should be considered.

Self test with early pregnancy test paper: you can buy early pregnancy test paper in the pharmacy. It can tell you whether you are pregnant by monitoring the hCG (chorionic gonadotropin) in your urine. Generally 10-14 days after menstruation delay, the test paper can detect pregnancy. It should be noted that under abnormal conditions such as ectopic pregnancy and hydatidiform mole, the test paper will also show positive.

Go to the hospital The most reliable way to determine pregnancy is to go to the hospital. The doctor will make an appointment for you to have a B-ultrasound examination. Through B-ultrasound, you can exclude abnormal situations such as ectopic pregnancy, and calculate the real age of the fetus for you.