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What's wrong with Yang Mi's mobile phone being forced to brush? How to restore the content of the fo

Yang Mi's mobile phone was forced to brush. What's the matter? Yang Mi's studio wrote: "Yang said that the cheap mobile phone shell you let me buy has resulted in the absence of the selfie you want, ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha, I'm not surprised & hellip;

It turned out that Yang Mi bought a cheap mobile phone case. Because of the inappropriate size, the key was pressed for one night, and forced to brush the phone, resulting in all the photos in the mobile phone were not brushed. "Back before liberation one night", many netizens said: "as long as you hold your mobile phone, have a micro blog, remember the password of the micro blog, and then click the micro blog, take a picture immediately, it's not the reason to be swiped. '

How to restore the content of the forced mobile phone?

There are also Android users who like to swipe their phones or Shuangqing, but they will clean up all the data and files on their phones in the process of swiping, so it's very important to make a backup before swiping. Important contacts, SMS, photos, phone settings, desktop classification are very important for everyone, and it's not as difficult to back up such data as you think, As long as you learn to use the following building owner's introduction of the backup dictionary, everything is under your control!

First move: Mobile backup

I. find the 'backup' icon on the desktop

II. Local backup

The backup file encryption is on by default, and it can be encrypted according to the pollen's own needs.

2. Create a new backup, backup to SD card by default, and backup to internal storage of mobile phone without SD card, and clear internal storage of mobile phone by double cleaning operation.

3. Backup records. Click to restore the previous backup records at any time.

4. Menu setting, which can be changed to cloud backup and account setting information.

III. new backup

1. Click new backup, direct local backup / click menu function, select backup to Huawei network disk (pollen is selected as required)

Special attention:

It is recommended to back up the local backup to SD card, which takes up memory space, especially application software and audio-visual files, to facilitate recovery. There is no SD card to back up to the internal storage of the mobile phone, and the double cleaning operation will clear the internal storage of the mobile phone, so you must copy the Huawei backup folder to the computer after the backup ~ so that your mobile phone data will never be lost!

Backup to Huawei network disk does not occupy local memory space, but does not support application and data backup. Network connection is required for recovery, which consumes traffic.

2. Enter the backup details and back up the system data according to your own needs.

A. address book: backup the contacts in the phone storage.

B. multimedia data: photos, videos, recordings, etc.

C. application and data: third party software and software data.

D. system data: SMS, call record, WiFi, desktop, Butler setting, schedule setting, etc.

3. Start backup (if password protection is checked, password must be set before backup!)

After the backup is completed, you will see the backup record on the first page of the backup, and the later backup will be restored for use.

IV. local backup file storage location!

File management & rarr; local & rarr; internal storage / SD card & rarr; Huawei backup

V. backup and recovery

According to the operation prompts, the recovery process selects all recovery and partial recovery. The process is the reverse of the backup project.

Note: do not shut down, restart or forcibly stop the backup recovery process, otherwise the data backup data will be damaged.