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When can I buy train tickets for National Day 2017? National Day train ticket purchase strategy?

it seems that the train ticket for national day can be bought today! Have you thought about where to play the National Day? The general office of the State Council issued the notice on the arrangement of some holidays in 2017 on December 1. The holiday time of the National Day in 2017 is from October 1 to 8, with a total of 8 days. Go to work on Saturday, September 30. What kind of waves did the little long vacation friends want to go to?

The earliest purchase date of tickets departing on October 1, 2017 is:

Telephone and internet ticket: Saturday, September 2

Ticket purchase at station agent: Monday, September 4

Ticket collection method

(1) online ticket purchase: with the original ID card of the passenger, go to the ticket window, booking office or the automatic ticket machine of the station to handle the ticket exchange procedures.

(2) ticket booking by telephone: you can exchange it at any station window or selling point with the valid ID card of the passenger. Pick up time: tickets booked before 12:00 of the day shall be valid before 12:00 of the second day; tickets booked after 12:00 of the day shall be valid before 24:00 of the second day.

(3) the ID card and the student card with the student train ticket discount card (all original) shall be used for student ticket collection, and they shall be handled at the ticket window of the station equipped with the student train ticket discount card identifier or at the railway ticket agency.