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What is the Aotai line? Which areas does the Aotai line go through

The woman died in aotaixian. In the past 17 years, 21 people have been killed and 8 missing in aotaixian. Aotai line has an indelible position in the hearts of donkeys. Many donkeys want to prove themselves by climbing Aotai line, so what is Aotai line?

She lay on her side, with her bare climbing bag at her feet, half wrapped in a sleeping bag, her hands black, and the tent behind her that had been opened but not supported.

At 4:00 p.m. on May 9, at the Taibai Mountain of Qinling Mountain, which is 3500 meters above sea level, the body of Yang Liping, originally covered with snow, was exposed.

It was 12 days after Yang Liping entered Taibai Mountain for hiking. She was also the last missing person found in the "5 & middot; 4 death of donkey friends crossing Aotai line".

Yang Liping, 47, is from Kunming city. He is a clerk of taxi company. He has two years of experience in short distance outdoor.

A crossing operation that is expected to be smooth and profitable without fear or danger turned into a tragedy of 3 deaths and 1 injury.

What is Aotai line?

Aotai line is the appellation of donkey friends, that is, a main line between Aoshan and Taibai Mountain in Qinling. Baxiantai, the main peak of Taibai Mountain, is the highest peak in the east half of the Chinese mainland, with an altitude of 3767.2 meters. The second highest peak is the Aoshan (also known as the West Taibai) landmark tower with an altitude of 3476 meters. Aoshan Taibai, the two main peaks of Qinling Mountains, are connected.

Aoshan mountain is famous for its steep climb and no supply point along the way, while Taibai Mountain is famous for its long route and wonderful scenery. The Aotai line, with a straight line distance of 80 kilometers and an actual distance of more than 170 kilometers, has become one of the five most difficult hiking routes in China.