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What is the origin of why Malaysia is called Malaysia

What is the origin of why Malaysia is called Malaysia many people have more than one name. So do countries. Many countries have their own nicknames (or sent by netizens). Japan is called island country, India is called asan, Malaysia is called Malaysia. Do you know how Malaysia came? Let's have a look!

The term 'Dama' should have been coined since the merger of East and West Malaysia in 1963. "Malaysia" is to distinguish the former "Malaysia" and the new "Malaysia" formed after the merger of Sabah and Sarawak. At that time, the media transliterated "Malaysia" in Chinese, or literally translated "Pan Malaysia" or "greater Malaysia" for short to distinguish the original "Malaysia". "Big" means "great, Pan -".

"Malaysia" has been used to this day, and Malaysians also feel more cordial!

On the contrary, the horse country is not from a country beginning with the word horse (Macedonia, Maldives.. )The abbreviation of "Parliament of Malaysia" causes confusion. It seems that not long ago, the headline of Taiwan newspaper: "Taiwan broke ties with Malaysia". Many people would think it was Malaysia, but actually Macedonia!

But there are still many countries in the world that call Malaysia Malaysia, like Singapore and China!

However, this is only an abbreviation of the title. It will be called Malaysia in official documents or in official occasions, and it has not caused much trouble and confusion. Therefore, it will not be investigated.