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Summary of strategies and skills of how to snatch millet mix2

Summary of strategies and skills of how to snatch millet mix2 Recently Xiaomi announced that it will release Xiaomi's mix2 on September 11, and it will take a lot of courage to collide with the new iPhone product. However, it can be expected that the launch of Xiaomi's mix2 will definitely be another difficult opportunity. Since the launch of Xiaomi, it has been linked with the label of "rush purchase", "shortage" and "hungry marketing". Whenever Xiaomi's new mobile phone product comes out, the official shopping mall is often immediately lit by seconds. So millet mobile phone how to grab the biggest chance, millet Xiaobian will present millet mobile phone to everyone.

Strategy 1: Xiaomi Mall: we need to make an appointment and then rush to buy. It's about network speed and character. Some people say that I can't make an appointment. Maybe your number has been hacked. It's suggested to re register Xiaomi account to make an appointment.

Introduction 2: Xiaomi's home (check the address of Xiaomi's home all over the country)

The specific process is as follows:

1. The reservation and purchase channel of millet house will be officially opened at 14:00 on April 27, and can be booked to the store on April 28;

2. Please pay at Xiaomi's house within the period of appointment. Please show the QR code and the original ID card of the reservation after the reservation;

3. One ID card and one mobile phone number are limited to one millet mobile phone 6;

4. If the appointment time exceeds the agreed time, it shall be deemed as automatic abandonment;

5. If the time cannot be selected, it means that the available reservation quantity for the time period is full;

6. Please continue to pay attention to the official wechat of Xiaomi home for the subsequent appointment time.

That is to say, if the appointment is successful, you can pick up the goods directly at Xiaomi's home store on April 28, which is faster than online purchase. I just don't know how much Xiaomi's stock is this time. If you want to buy it, you can try it. It's equal to another purchase channel.

Strategy 3: tmall's flagship store is reserved first and then snapped up. It's hard to rob the official website of Xiaomi. You may as well come to tmall's store!

Strategy 4: Suning E-commerce makes an appointment first and then grabs. When everyone is grabbing on the official website, Suning seems to be a good choice!

Strategy 5: go to Jingdong, don't get lost, buy the same day, arrive the next day! I recommend Jingdong to rush to buy! Fast! Remember to make an appointment.

Summary: Xiaomi official website is not the most priority place to buy. You can speculate that it's easier to buy through the number of appointments. Of course, there are many goods on the official website. However, I suggest you buy in Jingdong, Suning, tmall, or book in advance at Xiaomi's home!