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What about the diamond on the wedding ring? Why does the diamond on the diamond ring fall?

The diamond ring is an ornament that many young couples will have when they get married. The hardness of the diamond also symbolizes the unfaithfulness of love, so the diamond will be liked by many girls. But what about the diamond on the diamond ring?

there are no more than two reasons for the diamond ring falling off. One is that the diamond inlay is not firm or the design is defective, and the other is the lack of maintenance of the diamond ring in daily life. It should also be said that the main reason for diamond falling off is poor workmanship, which has nothing to do with the style of the diamond. But in fact, diamond falling off is partly due to diamond inlay. For example, in daily life, two sides of the groove inlay, two claw inlay, and embedded inlay method inlay are all relatively prone to diamond falling.

So how can we avoid falling stones?

1. First of all, we need to pay attention to the selection of styles. Nowadays, people are pursuing fashion and new style, but they don't consider the firm diamond inlay. Wedding rings inlaid with embedded, two-sided groove inlay are relatively fashionable and beautiful. Therefore, the inherent deficiency in design is the important reason why diamonds fall off.

2. There should be some choices in the selection of ring materials. Nowadays, the most commonly used materials in the market are 18K gold and pt950 ring brackets. Platinum is relatively soft. For a large carat wedding ring, it is easy to deform after inlaying, which may cause your diamond to fall off. Therefore, for a large carat diamond, generally choose 18K gold or PT900 material, which is relatively hard, and the ring bracket is not easy to deform, inlaid Diamonds are strong.

3. In addition, you need to choose a suitable inlay method. The inlay technology of the merchants is not perfect, and some parts of the diamonds may not be inlaid in place. Therefore, when you receive the diamond ring, you should carefully check whether each part is inlaid firmly, whether the grinding is flat, etc. if you find that it is loose, you should ask the merchants to inlay again.

4. In life, pay attention to the maintenance of diamond rings. In the daily wearing process, don't do too intense sports or do not use too much force to clean the diamonds. It is carried out in a container, so that the diamonds can be easily found. In addition, you also pay attention to the cleaning and maintenance of the diamond rings with disinfectants, which are basically maintained every three months. Usually at home, you can use toothpick at any time to check whether it is loose. If it is loose, don't wear it. Send it to the jewelry store for repair immediately.