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What is the blue whale game? Who is the creator of the blue whale game? What are the 50 tasks of the

Who is the inventor of blue whale game? Why did the inventor of blue whale make the victim commit suicide Recently, the infamous "blue whale game" abroad has spread to China, and it has spread in the youth circle, causing panic among parents. It is reported that the inventor of the blue whale game was invented by a Russian man who studied psychology. The man has been arrested. In the face of committing such a crime, the man has no regrets and claims to be cleaning up the society! What kind of game is blue whale game? How terrible are the consequences of the blue whale game?

The blue whale game originated in Russia. It was invented by a Russian psychological teenager in his 20s. Once it was released, it triggered a chain reaction in the Russian youth circle, causing at least 16 Russian girls to commit suicide, and spread to China. Even the QQ groups like 'blue whale game' were discovered in China. According to the editor, the blue whale game itself is a self mutilation game, with 50 tasks, and the most The ultimate goal is to let teenagers commit suicide!

The blue whale game itself is a suicide game, which contains 50 tasks, which are completed by the game players one by one, and the ultimate goal is only one: suicide! The game currently causes at least 16 teenage girls to commit suicide. What is the blue whale game? What are the 50 tasks of blue whale game? Why is blue whale so scary? Now let me tell you one by one!

Recently, a blue whale game has caught the eye of the police. You have also seen relevant reports in the media. In order to encourage teenagers to commit suicide, the game inventor is a Russian, 21-year-old psychology major student. Now the blue whale inventor is in prison, but the blue whale inventor has no regrets, saying that he is "cleaning up society"!

Recently, a number of media reported that the "blue whale" death game has infiltrated the Chinese Internet platform, resulting in a large number of QQ groups that "wake up at 4:20". Tencent said that the QQ security team screened the QQ groups related to the keyword on May 6, blocked the search of relevant keywords, and handled a number of suspected blue whale QQ groups. However, it was noted that the number of related and unrelated new groups based on the 'blue whale' hot key words was increasing.

Blue whale games use the psychology of young people's curiosity hunting, or some children lack the care of their families. Some children may stop at the beginning of the game, but some of them gradually fall down, and finally go on the road of no return.

After the blue whale inventor was finally jailed, Russian investigation officials said that 'budkin had no friends at school, but suddenly found that he could control the will and life of others, so he thought he was inviolable until he was arrested. '

The most terrible thing is that the blue whale game inventor is very clear about what he is doing, luring those children to commit suicide, which is exactly what he wants. 'they are just some biological garbage. They have no value to society. No one cares about the consequences of their death. '

Ironically, after the blue whale inventor was arrested and jailed, he received a large number of love letters from girls.

Many teenagers inevitably have "phase II". If you find that children around you have access to channels related to blue whale, please call the police or report it!

Now the public security organs are doing their best to patrol and clean up the blue whale game. They will deal with those who take the opportunity to make towering comments and create social panic according to law.

Recently, a "death game" was introduced into China, and the whole game was stunned. After a general understanding, it was determined that the game was a self mutilation game. Once participants participated in the game, they would complete various challenges within 50 days, and the final challenge was suicide.

What is the Russian Blue Whale game

Blue whale is a Russian death game. The players in the game are between 10 and 14 years old. They completely obey the control and threat of the game organizers. No one can survive. 130 Russian teenagers have committed suicide. Moreover, the game is expanding to the world.

Through the Internet, the game has spread from Russia to other countries in the world, including the UK, Argentina, Mexico and other countries. Some netizens reported that the heresy game had entered China, and netizens said that some people had organized game groups.

The evil game, called "blue whale", is notorious on the Western Internet and soon banned. But recently, blue whale, which had disappeared, has revived & hellip; & hellip;

'blue whale' death game, a game for young people to gamble their lives.

Where does the Russian Blue Whale death game come from

Its story originated a year ago in Russia's real criminal cases:

There is a game called "blue whale" on the Internet, which attracts many depressed and curious teenagers. The sign of the game is "on the 50th day of the game, you must commit suicide".

The game content is updated every day, from the beginning of 'drawing a specific pattern with a knife in the arm', 'getting up at 4:20', to 'not talking with parents, family and friends for a day', gradually & hellip; & hellip;

Until the end, players' psychology and spirit began to decadent and collapse, and finally they were induced to commit suicide.

Some sensitive items of blue whale death game

2. Get up at 04:20 and watch horror movies;

3. Cut three shallow openings on the arm;

5. If you're ready to be a whale, make a few cuts in your legs;

8. Write 'I am a whale' on the VK time line;

11. Carve a whale in your hand;

12. Watch horror movies all day

13. Listen to the horror music sent to you by the organizer;

19. Crane;

21. Talk to whales on Skype;

26. Say your own date of death and accept it;

27. Get up at 4:20 a.m. to go to the railway;

28. Not talking to anyone;

29. Vow to be a whale;

What are the rules of the blue whale death game

The word "blue whale" was inspired by a local Russian rock organization. It's spread on a social network, inviting young people to participate in a particular organization. The manager of the organization asks each participant to complete all the items in the list, and the last item is to wait for the opportunity to commit suicide. The blue whale game will destroy your hope and yearning for life and create endless despair. According to statistics, the participants of the blue whale game are between 10 and 14 years old. They completely obey the control and threat of the game organizers. No one who participates can survive.

One of the reasons why the "blue whale" game can kill so many people smoothly is that they have taken a gradual goal, saying directly to these teenagers, "you go to die." of course, they will not abide by it, but after a series of activities, the desire to live will be eliminated.

From 30 to 49, you have to get up at 04:20 every day, watch horror videos, listen to their music, cut your hands every day, and talk to whales. 50 is the last death. The method they use is not very clever. It's a kind of skill similar to "push forward", which makes these teenagers accept more excessive requirements step by step.

The harm of Russian Blue Whale game

Police remind

At the age of 10-14, it is the high incidence age of second disease among teenagers. They don't lose the world at all in adolescence, and this "blue whale" suicide game is just the right thing to do. He caters to the young people's innovative attitude in that period, but life is only once. In this game, as long as we follow every step carefully, no one can go on Come out alive.

The game "blue whale" has begun to appear on social networks in Mexico, which can induce children and teenagers to commit suicide. The police remind parents to pay attention to their children's behavior and carefully monitor their children's behavior on social networks.

Russia's business daily reported that a hearing held on February 16 by the non-governmental organization 'Russian Federal Social Council' discussed the legislation and severe punishment of the use of Internet to instigate suicide. At the meeting, it was said that the 'blue whale' game was a 'well planned' offensive against at least 2 million young people 'by' Ukrainian nationalists'.

According to Mikhail hasimisky, a Russian expert on psychological problems, the society has the responsibility and obligation to criticize the "suicide romance" and "suicide is not terrible" on the Internet through public service advertisements, literary works, films and TV plays. Anna middot Kuznetsova, the Russian President's plenipotentiary for children's rights, said in an interview with the opinion newspaper that the infatuation of minors with suicide games is related to the lack of school and family psychological education. In Vkontakte, a group called "stop blue whale" appeared recently, aiming to stop teenagers who plan to play or are playing the game of "blue whale" by persuasion and persuasion.

Russia's blue whale death game has been introduced into China. You should be careful

Recently, a "death game" was introduced into China, and the whole game was stunned. After a general understanding, it was determined that the game was a self mutilation game. Once participants participated in the game, they would complete various challenges within 50 days, and the final challenge was suicide.

This is absolutely a warning for many families, reminding many parents to take good care of their children and not allow them to join the organization!

This game has not only harmed the network security so simple, it is a kind of crime that abets citizens to commit suicide and others to take their lives. Human life is under the highest protection of the law and there is no 'voluntary' exception.

"Blue whale" encourages teenagers to complete a series of self abuse and self mutilation tasks within 50 days, such as "wake up in the morning", "don't talk to anyone", "cut blue whale pattern on their arms", until the last day, they let teenagers commit suicide, and also said that "if they can't complete it, they can help themselves complete it" if they give up halfway, they can kill their families according to the information left before ". According to statistics, more than 130 teenagers around the world commit suicide by playing games.

This kind of game is to be absolutely eliminated in China!!!

In recent months, a death game called "blue whale" from Russia has induced teenagers to commit suicide and spread all over the world. Recently, many domestic media reported that the death game has spread to China. It is reported that some domestic netizens have organized game groups with relevant code names on social media, and most of the participants are teenagers.

It is reported that the death game requires participants to complete all kinds of self abuse tasks within the specified time, and finally end with suicide. Once participants start the game, they can't choose to stop halfway, otherwise they will be threatened by the 'person in charge'. To a large extent, the game misleads teenagers to commit suicide.

This situation has attracted the attention of major social platforms, which have checked and deleted the blue whale game groups. As one of China's largest search engines and social groups (post bar, etc.), baidu is also aware of this. In view of the bad inducement of blue whale game to teenagers, baidu quickly takes countermeasures.

When netizens input keywords such as "blue whale game", "blue whale challenge" and "blue whale death game" in Baidu search, the top search result will be a warm friendship prompt: "please stay away from activities that hurt yourself and others '

In fact, Baidu search engine has always kept relevant friendship tips. Previously, we reported that when netizens search for "suicide", "jumping" and other keywords, they will first appear in the search results, first time to comfort netizens. meanwhile