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What do freshmen need to bring to school? List of necessary items for freshmen to start school

it's almost September. In September, many colleges and universities begin to open. According to the experience sharing of some college students, the editor summed up the list of necessary items for freshmen to register and share with freshmen of quasi University. What do freshmen need to prepare for school?

Essential items


1. ID card and copies of both sides (there will be places to copy in school, but there must be a lot of people waiting in line when registering for school)

2. League membership card or information about the relationship between the party and the League (usually in the file bag to prevent loss)

3. One inch photo

4. College entrance examination permit

5. Residence transfer certificate (schools generally follow the principle of voluntariness, and those who do not want to transfer their residence can not apply for it)

6. Personal files (some provincial and municipal high school graduates' files have been taken home by students, do not open them by yourself)

7. Offer

8. College entrance examination report card (not all schools require to take it, read the registration requirements carefully)

9. Bank card, some cash and remittance or payment voucher (referring to the payment of tuition in the first year) (some universities sent a CCB card along with the admission notice, requiring that the tuition, accommodation and book fees should be paid into the card in advance. The school will transfer the card to pay within the specified time. Students who did not use the CCB card to pay the fee will pay the money after the school report. It is recommended to use bank card to pay easily. In general, the cash payment window has a long queue

10. Notice of completion of new students' online check-in procedures (some schools need to register on the school website and print the notice before check-in, only need to bring the admission notice and online check-in completion form)

Procedures for account registration and student loan


1) whether to move or not to move the household registration is voluntary. Parents need to elaborate on the impact of the removal or not to move on their children.

2) when applying for the national student loan, especially the "campus loan", be careful not to let personal information out and be cheated.


Bed (mattress, mattress, mat, mosquito net, pillow, pillow towel, quilt, sheet): the school will sell the bed at the beginning of the school. The full set of bed can be purchased for about 500 yuan or one piece. Contents: mattress (1 piece), quilt (1 piece), mattress (1 piece), quilt cover (2 pieces), bed sheet (2 pieces), pillow (1 piece), pillow towel (2 pieces), pillow case (1 piece), mosquito net (1 piece), spring and Autumn quilt (1 piece). If you don't buy a school bed, you can carry it from home.

School dormitories usually have mosquitoes, so be sure to bring mosquito nets and prepare mosquito repellent incense You can buy the mat when it's hot next summer.

Medicine and health

Commonly used medicine and medicine box: medicine for cold, fever, gastrointestinal problems, anti-inflammatory medicine, antipyretic medicine, berberine (gastrointestinal medicine), watermelon cream (to prevent oral ulcer), cotton swab, medical alcohol, red medicine, purple medicine, iodine (but do not mix them), wound paste, drop ointment, gauze bandage, dermatitis flat, vitamin tablet, golden throat, essential balm.

No matter what kind of medicine you bring, you must understand the effect and dosage of this medicine before you come. Don't eat it without your parents' understanding. Be careful when you have a fever (fever doesn't necessarily mean a cold). Go to the school hospital immediately or ask your classmates to accompany you if you take a small amount of antipyretic medicine without any effect.

Flower dew, wind oil essence or cool oil: if you go to self-study something is more useful, there are more mosquitoes.

School supplies

A bag

Calculator: many exams need to use it. The most common scientific calculator is also used. Otherwise, it will affect the exam.

High frequency radio headset: it can accept VOA and BBC, with a wide frequency range (for non-English majors, it should be used in the final exam, and for all students in CET-4 and CET-6).

Dictionaries: English Chinese dictionaries, Chinese dictionaries, electronic dictionaries

Eye protection lamp: I think it's too troublesome to buy it at school, but I suggest to go to a large supermarket to avoid being cheated. Add another sentence. It's not recommended to use the rechargeable lamp to stay up late often. It's harmful to the body but not beneficial. It's good to use it in special circumstances.

Other daily necessities can be purchased at any time in the campus supermarket and the large supermarket outside the school, without having to take them from home.