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IPhone 8 latest news iPhone 8 price configuration information summary every September is the carnival of the global Apple fans and the technology circle. Every new iPhone release of Apple will explode the technology circle. Although the appearance of the iPhone 8 has been leaked for a long time, it doesn't affect everyone's expectation for this 10th anniversary product. Let's take a look at the latest news of the iPhone 8!

With September coming, it's getting closer to the official launch of the iPhone 8. The iPhone 8 is almost certain to be released on September 12. As the 10th anniversary of the iPhone, the iPhone 8 attracts countless eyes from the outside world. It's also the most focused iPhone ever Apple has made a lot of preparations for the arrival of the new flagship. Among them, the biggest action should be to make way for the old flagship.

Although the official didn't release the news, the release of the new machine in September is a certainty. Apple 8 will usher in the strongest change in history, which is a lot of surprises. The iPhone 8 will feature a "full screen without borders" design, with a 5.8-inch OLED screen, which is currently the highest screen share of all mobile phones. The home key that the iPhone has been following will be removed, using 3D touch technology, but a fingerprint recognition button is also attached to the side edge of the phone. In addition, the iPhone 8 will support wireless charging, laser focusing, AR and other technology applications.

In addition, apple 8 launched five colors, namely, white, bright black, gold, blush gold and red. The memory takes 64GB off, the starting price is RMB 6288 yuan, while the 256GB and 512GB versions of the iPhone8 are priced at 7088 yuan and 8888 yuan respectively.

The so-called "new flagship release, old flagship give way". Apple's old flagship iPhone 6S is also doomed. Now it's making way for the iPhone 8. On the third-party platform, the iPhone 6S dropped to cabbage prices overnight, costing only 3698 yuan, a lot cheaper than Apple's official price. The price is also the lowest since the iPhone 6S was released. It seems that Apple has made a lot of money for the iPhone 8.

Although the iPhone 6S has been released for nearly two years, its performance is quite good. Otherwise, there won't be so many users who would rather stick to the iPhone 6S than choose the iPhone 7. In terms of hardware, the iPhone 6S is equipped with apple A9 processor, 2GB of large memory, a combination of 5 million pixels in front and 12 million pixels in back, 1715mah of large battery, and runs IOS system known for its fluency.