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What is your "x brother" in the society? What does your "x brother" mean? Where does it come from

What is your "x brother" in the society? What does your "x brother" mean? Where does it come from Recently, sentences like "brother X" and "sister X" have spread on the Internet. Most of them appear in the cyberspace and are wildly spread by various writers. What does "brother X" mean? Where does "brother X" come from? Let's have a look!

What do you mean by brother x? What's wrong with you

In this huge network group, the most famous person is Zhao Jiaxuan, Zhao Benshan's daughter, whose original name is Zhao Yihan.

When she was on the program, Wang Han, the host, called her Han Han affectionately, and said: 'I think it's very kind because we all have a & rsquo; Han & lsquo; in our name'.

However, Zhao Jiaxuan didn't appreciate this kind of approach, instead, she corrected Wang Han directly and said: 'I call society your ball sister', and repeatedly stressed that she is your ball sister '.

Wang hanos: am I on the wrong track?

Fan'er, Zhao Jiaxuan's big sister, not only made Wang Han look confused, but also confused the audience. How did the name come from?

To trace back, we need to talk about the "mixed society" first. The term "mixed society" originated from the people. Some people have nothing to do and no proper work. They are proud of their extensive contacts, so they call themselves social people. Some places are also called social youth.

When he is bragging to others, he often claps his chest and reports to his family: "how about my brother Li mixing with the society", which means that there is a backer behind me. My brother Li is a big man mixing with the society. You can't provoke him.

When the eldest sister of mixed society educates the younger brother, of course, she will also say "you, elder sister Jin, I have been mixed with the society for many years, but I haven't seen any big waves".

In the age of Internet, 'my brother Li mixed with the society & hellip; & hellip;' has been unable to meet the users' pursuit of 'crazy drag cool'. Netred began to flip words. Game host Chu he once recited a quote in live broadcast:

In society, I'm not very cruel; I can stand on my fist and run on my arm; I can open a tank on my leg and a bottle cap on my chrysanthemum!

The legend of Gaiye mentioned here is mixed with underworld, so it is called "I Gaiye the society". This passage explains Gaiye's Niubi from various angles, and describes some indescribable pictures in a large section.

This slide is full of not only the sense of picture, but also the sense of natural rhythm. Since then, the saying "I'm XX in society, not a lot of people are cruel" has become popular with the magic rhythm. It's easy to wash your brain, so you can't help but read it. Throughout the whole network, the golden sentence has similar "flip" features, such as: my brother, one person, I'm drunk & hellip; & hellip;

Friendly tip: shoumai is the best match for Northeast accent

Later, in an e-Competition competition, some players made fun of the old chicken of the EHOME team: I am a chicken brother in the society, and I don't have many cruel words So 'social me XX' is totally popular.

After "social me XX" became famous, all over the world are the following hot eye IDS:

Although these big brothers and sisters are young, they have a deep understanding of society. In their talk, you can often see the following domineering classic quotations:

'only when reality slaps you can you know how hypocritical society is. '

'don't look down on me with your dog's eyes. I'm stronger than you can imagine. '

'the road will be slippery in the dark, the society is too complex, and there is nothing more terrible than people's heart. '

'I'm not red wine high and social gentle sister, I'm just his woman, I'm not red wine smart social bully brother, I'm just her man. '

When Xiaobian saw these sentences, he was filled with feelings. He just wanted to lament that there were too few homework assigned by the school!

Although the social people have a strong sense of identity for the ID of "social me XX", and they are proud of it. But in the eyes of others, this sentence has a lingering non mainstream temperament, which always reminds people of killing Matt and burying the family.

Gradually, 'social you XX' began to be a satirical term used to describe people who have a strong social atmosphere or are vulgar in speech and behavior.