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What food to eat to help you sleep now people are under more and more pressure. Facing the complicated work and life everyday, the number of people suffering from insomnia is increasing year by year. According to the relevant data, the sleep quality of people has been declining continuously in recent years. Do you also suffer from insomnia? Come with Xiaobian to see what to eat for insomnia.


Vinegar also has a certain hypnotic effect, mostly used for long-distance travel. If you come back from your trip and find you can't fall asleep, pour a spoonful of vinegar and drink it with warm boiled water, and you'll be able to fall asleep safely.

Sugar water

If you can't go to sleep safely because of the hot weather and inner restlessness, you can pour yourself a cup of cold sugar water before going to bed. The sugar water will produce a lot of serotonin, which makes the brain easy to sleep after inhibition.


In the evening, if you can't sleep, you can consider biting a piece of bread and eating bread, which can calm your mood, and then you can easily fall asleep.


Some fruits can promote sleep, some fruits on the pillow, can also promote sleep. When you can't sleep, it's easy to fall asleep by eating an apple or a banana. Orange can also be put on the pillow, its fragrance, can also let people sleep safely.

Millet Congee

When you can't sleep at night, you can also consider eating some millet porridge. Traditional Chinese medicine has said that millet has the effect of sleeping. So, in the evening, you can cook some rice porridge, cool it, and drink some before you go to bed.


Needless to say, many people know that. Milk is not only nutritious, but also has the function of inhibiting brain excitation, which can make people sleep easily. So, when you can't sleep, have a glass of milk.