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How to prevent the freshmen from falling off the top bunk?

For freshmen who just entered the University, I thought entering the university campus was a new start, but it turned out to be the beginning of a nightmare! Girl Xu, 18, admitted to Zhejiang University this year and studied a good major. In the eyes of both parents and themselves, we have finally entered a new stage of life. Unfortunately, I fell off the bed, and I still struggle on the lifeline!

On August 26, she just checked in at school.

However, just three days later, just yesterday morning, Xu's parents suddenly received a call from the school: her daughter fell off the bed & hellip; & hellip;

Not out of danger after surgery

Yesterday morning, Qian Bao rushed to Hangzhou second hospital. At this time, Xu's operation is not over.

Outside the operating room, Xu's parents and two school male teachers are sitting in the waiting area. Xu's parents kept their eyes fixed on the front of the family to inform the large screen. It's the only link that has access to her current situation.

One of the teachers told Qian Bao that Xiao Xu was from Jiangsu Province and fell from the upper bed, but there were railings along the edge of the bed. How she fell down was unknown.

So, how to prevent falling from the top?

When sleeping, you can put a pillow beside the guardrail. In addition, college students must strengthen their ability of self-care and risk prevention. When sleeping, try to lean against the wall, or install a safety belt on the guardrails on both sides of the bed. The school should also strengthen the management of the safety of students' dormitory equipment and carry out the publicity of safety awareness.

Dragen: such a good girl, I hope she can survive quickly. Don't let her parents worry about & hellip; & hellip;

LAN Xinxin: make sure to hang a strong mosquito net on the top of your bed. Put it under the quilt before you go to bed. It can prevent you from falling off the bed. Things like mobile phones can be blocked inside.

St.qiu: when I was a freshman, it was just a few days after school. I fell asleep and the whole bed board collapsed. It hit my classmates in the lower bunk. My classmates from Gansu Province were directly hit by the blindfold. Fortunately, it wasn't hurt by smashing. It was just a little painful. At that time, I was scared to pee. I thought it was an earthquake & hellip; & hellip;

La Ma: can I cancel the upper berth? If children learn to perform those pompous actions on the Internet in bed, it's very dangerous & hellip; & hellip;

Qian: when I went to school, I slept in the upper bunk. Once when I fell asleep, my head was at the head of the bed, but I woke up and my head was at the end of the bed. It's a life without falling.

Kiss you a piece of soup: I used to worry about the upper bunk falling when I slept in the high and low bunks. This time, it becomes true. May the girl be all right in her youth.

Xiangzi: I also fell at school. Fortunately, the quilt cushioned in winter, but there was a big gap in the corner of my mouth. I hope I can get out of danger soon.