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How much is Dunkirk's score of Dunkirk's Chinese time movie Douban?

do you expect the new movie "Dunkirk" to be released in September? As a movie giant who can always perfectly combine business and art, Nolan has set a new record this time. What kind of story does Dunkirk tell? What is the score of Dunkirk's Douban?

Dunkirk, the first war action film directed by Christopher Nolan, made public the comments of overseas media on July 18, Beijing time. The words "Nolan's best", "the best war film in ten years", "award season fever" and "early targeting Oscar" became the hot words of the film. The rotten tomato has a media freshness of 98%, an MTC score of 97, and an IMDB score of 9.8, making it one of the most acclaimed films in 2017. Stars such as Shu Qi have praised the film. The film will land in mainland China on Friday, September 1.

"Dunkerk" is reputed to the sky, which makes the fans all over the world focus on the director who once again reaches the top of his career. As a movie giant who can always combine business and art perfectly, Nolan has made history again this time -- "Dunkirk" authoritative media has an average score of 97, which is the highest score commercial blockbuster of MTC website in more than ten years!

This time Nolan subverts the tradition in dunkerk, adopts the non-linear narrative technique, uses the sea, land and air three lines to narrate at the same time, and perfectly combines the modern narrative mode with the classic shooting mode. It was revealed that the film opened 30 seconds to let the audience feel the sense of oppression, the tense atmosphere gradually camp. "Dunkirk" is a war movie that is different from the past and breaks the rules, which is shocking and far-reaching, "said IGN, a film review website.

Director Nolan once talked about his personal feelings about the battle of Dunkirk in an interview. He couldn't hide his excitement: 'this is the greatest page in human history and the most bizarre story I've heard in my life. "And Nolan stressed more than once that Dunkirk is not a war movie, but a story about 'surviving'. There is almost no German front camera, nor the bloody cruelty of general war films. On the big screen, there are ordinary soldiers who are fighting with flesh and blood, eager to go home, and eager to survive. They are all mortals. Nolan uses the desire to survive and the flash of human nature to impress the audience, as netizen Qiuye said: 'this is a hymn dedicated to the beauty of human nature'.