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Who are the Chinese models in the 2017 Vimy show? Personal information of Wei mixiu's new comer Xie

2017 Victoria's secret underwear show is the most expected show by male friends all over the world. This year's show was held in Shanghai. So which Chinese models will take part in this year's Weimi show? Why is this Weimi show held in China? Do you want to open up a vast market in China? The "Vimy show" is held in Europe and America, including Paris, Cannes, London, New York City, Los Angeles and Miami. So far, officials have finalized Liu Wen, Ju Xiaowen, he Sui, Xi Mengyao, Xie Xin and Chen Yu, a French Chinese supermodel. Meanwhile, supermodel Bella Hadid has also confirmed that she will take part in the Vimy show.

Liu Wen

A few days before the 2017 Weimi show, a model interview began, and the interview has been fruitful. This year's Vimy show will be held in Shanghai! So far, six supermodels have been selected in China, and they are sure to show.

Liu Wen, the sixth Weimi show. Liu Wen is the first Chinese model to land in vs. as the first Chinese model to land in vs show, her cousin has left many classic moments. After 2011, AskMen ranked the world's most beautiful 99 people in 2012. On August 29, 2013, the authoritative model website mdctop50 ranked third in the new list, setting a record for sub model.

He Sui

He Sui, the seventh Weimi show, as the Asian supermodel with the most shows and wings on her back, will continue to set her own record this year!

Xi Mengyao, the fifth Weimi show, Xi Mengyao also worked hard for seven years. Nothing seems so bright and easy. She once said: constant interview is a necessary link, so every time you have to face it professionally.


Ju Xiaowen is the second time to take part in Weimi show. When she first took part in the show, she was very amazing and lovely.

Chen Yu

Chen Yu, a French Chinese model, confirmed to be on this year's Weimi show, looking forward to her first Weimi show!

Xie Xin

Xie Xin, the first Wei Mi show, has a sweet smile, Xie Xin is the 'surprise newcomer'!

This year's Weimi show should be the most of the national models. In addition, Chinese supermodel Qin Shupei has confirmed that she has participated in the second round of this year's Weimi show, before which she appeared in the 2012 Weimi show. So far, there are 12 Chinese girls who have participated in the second round interview of Shanghai grand show. Which one do you expect the most?