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Where can I get a good Yuesao? What should a good nanny do?

basic skills of Yuesao service

The basic skills of Yuesao are as follows:

Neonatal care

1. Daily care of newborn: bathing, touching, swimming, baby exercise, flushing, feeding, water feeding, disinfection of tableware, etc;

2. Professional nursing of newborn: observation and nursing of defecation, body temperature measurement, umbilical cord nursing, diaper rash, eczema, jaundice, thrush, diarrhea, abdominal distention, fever and other common diseases;

3. Newborn life care: cultivate the baby's living habits, work and rest time, and develop the newborn's potential.

Maternal care:

1. Maternal nutrition guidance, maternal nutrition meal;

2. Maternal breast care, breast massage and nursing care;

3. Assist the parturient to wipe the bath, observe the lochia, post natal wound care, and observe the condition of uterine involution;

4. Nursing of common diseases after delivery to prevent puerperal infection;

5. Postpartum psychological guidance;

6. Post natal body recovery guidance.

Early childhood care (3 months to 3 years old)

1. Children's life care, nutrition catering, sanitation, home safety, outdoor activities;

2. Help children develop good living habits, eat and drink regularly, sleep, defecate and play games;

3. Assist in developing children's perception ability, imitation ability, language ability, etc;

4. Gradually do the baby's active exercise, passive exercise and various sports beneficial to physical and mental health;

5. Assist parents in infant prevention and health care, such as vaccination.

What should a good nanny do

Now many families will choose to hire nannies to do housework, take care of children and improve their quality of life, but what kind of nannies are good nannies?

A good nanny in my heart

Obedient nannies are the most desirable. In real life, many good nannies are made by the employers themselves. First of all, the selected nannies must be obedient. In fact, it doesn't matter that nannies won't work at first. Users can teach them by hand. Usually, after the new nanny enters the house, the employer should have an important conversation with the nanny, and explain to the nanny in detail the main work content to be undertaken every day and the location of the required articles in the home. As well as the family life characteristic custom and the notice and so on. If the nanny can learn to do everything according to the requirements of the employer every day, even if it is not a good job at all, the employer should know that such a nanny is a good seedling, and such a nanny can become a good nanny under the guidance of the employer.

Physical conditions, engaged in Nanny work to bear a certain amount of physical labor, therefore, nanny must have a healthy body, have a certain amount of physical strength and energy. So when choosing nannies, we should pay attention to whether they have the recent physical examination certificate. At the same time, consider the age group and whether it meets the needs of your family. Whether their energy and physical strength can meet the needs of your family's labor intensity.

A good nanny should perform as follows:

1. Good ideological quality, good professional ethics, being able to abide by laws and disciplines, being civilized and polite, respecting the old and loving the young, hard-working, thrifty, broad-minded

2. Service skills: service skills to meet the service needs of users. Be able to master the three basic skills of laundry, cooking and household cleaning, or master the special service skills of pregnant women, puerperas, infants and children, the elderly, patient care, etc.

3. Service awareness: nannies should have a correct understanding of the nature of the work they are engaged in and make clear the relationship between the service and the served. Find your place. No employer will be able to tolerate the existence of a babysitter who pulls his face and plays with his temper every day because his meal is delicious or his room is clean.

4. Communication ability: the nanny should have a good relationship with all members of the family without alienating them. Be able to respect the old and love the young, and serve every member of the family well.

5. There are differences inside and outside. Nannies should know their position in the family they serve. Housework is the top priority, and things inside the family are outsiders. Don't participate in conflicts and disputes among family members, and don't gossip among family members. Do not participate in conflicts and disputes between users and neighbors. Don't gossip. Do not disclose the privacy of users' families to others.

The above is what a good nanny should have. If you want to invite a good nanny home, you can use it for reference.