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Yang Kun is harassed by illegitimate food. What is illegitimate food? Why is illegitimate food so cr

On the 29th, @ Yang Kun showed a screenshot of a woman sitting on her cell phone, saying, 'I'm going to break down if I squat in front of my house every day!' and then showed a long video, which angrily said: 'three months, it's over, don't disturb me!

What is private food? What does private food mean?

Illegitimate meal is defined as fans who violate the star's private life. Illegitimate meal is a kind of fans with crazy style. They are extremely fond of tracking, peeping and shooting stars. They often do such behaviors as breaking the door, blocking the house, monitoring the phone, etc. to harass their favorite stars, so it is called illegitimate meal.

"Private meal" is a kind of powder with extreme behavior and crazy style in the stars of artists. In order to satisfy their private desires, they like to track, peep and take pictures of stars. They often do such behaviors as breaking the door, blocking the house, monitoring the phone, etc., harassing their favorite stars and influencing their (and artists' families) private lives. The higher the popularity of stars, the more "private meals" will be.

The historical origin of private rice:

The earliest behavior similar to pilfering took place in the most popular period of ballet in the 19th century. At that time, some fans stole the ballet shoes of the popular dancers and invited those fans who could pay a lot of gold coins to attend. The main process of the party was to boil the ballet shoes in the pot, and then each person shared a glass of soup. A religious ceremony comparable to that of a heretic.

The famous paparazzi in Hong Kong often have no free space for personal life. Most of their actions are monitored by the paparazzi. The Hong Kong paparazzi team is famous for its division of labor and cooperation. Every magazine will arrange special groups to wait in turn 24 hours at the airport, yangdingshan villa area and other places. Three people in each group, driver, long shot (long focus photography), short shot (short focus photography). The division of work for each person is also very clear. Of course, the editors in the later period also made great contributions. The most famous is apple daily.

When "myth" was released in Japan, Jackie Chan went to Japan to participate in the premiere in person. Hideki takazawa praised the film as good-looking in the interview. He also said that he would like to play kung fu movies with Jackie Chan if he had the chance. Results the title of apple daily the next day was "long Ze induced Jackie Chan to break his back".

In the mobile Diaries of several official websites, many artists will directly inform fans of today's activities to share with each other. Private activities are the same. I just learned that yamap went to Disney in the morning. Half an hour later, someone told him who he was going with and how he dressed. In the afternoon, his photos would be published.

There is a special column for the private meal in the magazine "time film and TV & middot; Korean drama strategy". Each issue will put some pictures and words taken by the private meal for readers to read.