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What's the weather like when we go to Bali during the 11th? What do you want to wear to Bali?

During the long National Day holiday, many people choose to travel abroad to avoid the scenes of the domestic scenic spots. Did you think about going to Bali to play in the 11th? What's the weather like in Bali during the 11th? What's the best clothes to play in Bali?

April to October is the best time to go to Bali, when the rainfall is relatively small. Diving, mountaineering and cycling are all good choices. So what's the weather like on Bali 11, 2017?

Bali has a rainy season from October to March and a dry season from April to November. It is recommended not to travel to Bali in rainy season. The hottest season in Bali is one month after the end of rainy season, that is, April. However, it is the best season to travel to Bali from May to September every year because it is relatively cool.

Bali monthly average temperature: 27 ~ 30 ℃

What do you wear to Bali?

The best way to travel to Bali is to wear slippers, beach pants and T-shirt, which is convenient and easy. There are many water activities in Bali, such as rafting and surfing, so don't forget to bring your swimsuit and swimsuit. Don't forget to take a high index sunscreen when traveling to Bali.