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What are the causes of Wang Guolin's sudden death due to playing football

What are the causes of Wang Guolin's sudden death due to playing football in the past two years, due to the deterioration of modern people's eating habits and the surrounding environment, the number of people who die suddenly every year has increased. Recently, Wang Guolin, the former head of a football club in Shanghai and the man of the moment in Chinese football, suddenly fainted while playing football, and died after ineffective rescue. Let's take a look at the causes of sudden death.

Wang Guolin suddenly fell unconscious while playing football at the Putuo District Stadium in Shanghai at 19:45, and was rushed to the Central Hospital of Putuo District in Shanghai for rescue, the reporter said Tuesday. At 23:00, the reporter learned at the hospital that at about 20:45, Wang Guolin was sent to the hospital for rescue, which lasted for half an hour but still failed to save his life.

Wang Guolin died because of heart problems, a hospital official said. Wang Guolin once served as the former head of Shanghai COSCO Club A, and was once the man of the moment in Chinese football. At that time, COSCO (International) team built by COSCO president Xu Zexian once competed with Shenhua and almost won the League a championship.

What are the causes of sudden death

1. Sudden cardiac death

Sudden cardiac death is a kind of natural death caused by various cardiac causes, which is preceded by sudden loss of consciousness within one hour after the onset of acute symptoms. The most likely cause of sudden cardiac death is cardiovascular dysfunction, which makes the brain blood supply suddenly stop and lose consciousness, and finally leads to biological death. This kind of sudden death is the most common, most often occurs within 1 hour after the onset of the disease, and some even only a few minutes, mainly related to serious arrhythmias. Coronary heart disease is the most common. Some people can have no angina and other heart symptoms, coronary heart disease is hidden, sudden death is the first manifestation. Many so-called 'healthy' sudden death, that is the case. Hypertension affects the heart and causes left ventricular hypertrophy, which is also prone to sudden death. In addition, smoking, obesity, diabetes and lifestyle have an inseparable relationship with sudden death. Research shows that smoking increases the risk of SCD by 2-3 times, which is one of the few factors that lead to the proportional increase of the risk of sudden death of coronary heart disease. Obesity is the second factor that leads to the proportional increase of the risk of sudden death of coronary heart disease. People who are not used to exercise are also more likely to die of sudden death People who exercise are tall.

2. Sudden stroke death

In general, sudden death caused by stroke can last from several hours to one day. It is often seen in hemorrhagic apoplexy with more hemostasis, faster bleeding speed and involving important vital center. It can also be seen in the ischemic stroke involving the important parts of fanguoda. In patients with coronary heart disease, atrial fibrillation and left atrial thrombosis, sudden death occurs once thrombus falls off and enters cerebral circulation, causing multiple cerebral infarction. The patients with original stroke history and brain softening are also prone to sudden death after another stroke.

3. Sudden pulmonary death

Sudden death of pulmonary origin refers to the patients with chronic bronchitis, emphysema and bronchial asthma, who may die suddenly due to severe hypoxemia at night: respiratory acidosis, chronic bronchitis and emphysema patients, such as excessive use of antiasthmatic aerosol, may cause bronchospasm contraction, asphyxia and hypoxia, resulting in sudden death. The elderly who are bedridden for a long time can't cough and expel phlegm forcefully because of their weak body, which can cause phlegm thrombus to block the airway and aggravate the secondary pulmonary infection, leading to sudden death of pulmonary origin.

4. Sudden choking death

Sudden choking death refers to the poor chewing function of the elderly, insensitive swallowing reflex, and more sluggish response after drinking, so 'choking' often occurs in eating and drinking. Large food lumps can block the trachea and cause suffocation. This kind of death often happens suddenly. The patient cannot speak. He often points to his throat, then his face turns purple, his eyes turn up, and he suddenly falls over.