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Can aspirin wash hair really remove dandruff? What are the advantages of aspirin shampoo?

In autumn and winter, there will be a thick layer of dandruff on many people's heads, which makes people very disgusted. Although dandruff is not a big problem, it is also a tormenting 'goblin'. In fact, you can try to put two aspirin in the shampoo, so can aspirin really remove dandruff?

The first thing to know is what causes dandruff.

Why do you have dandruff?

Dandruff is a dead cell of scalp tissue, a normal metabolite of human body, which is more or less common for people. But if a lot of dandruff is produced suddenly, it may be caused by the following reasons.

1. The metabolism of human body is fast, which leads to the increase of dandruff.

2. Eating too much stimulating food or greasy food, resulting in excessive sebum secretion, Pityrosporum furfur to eat sebum, after eating, it will multiply in large numbers, and speed up the maturation and replacement of epidermal cells, dandruff also increased accordingly.

3. Some diseases, such as psoriasis or endocrine disorders.

The former is physiological and the latter two are pathological.

To treat the problem of increased dandruff, it's best to go to the hospital first to find out what causes the increase of dandruff, so as to give the right medicine.

Is it really useful to wash your hair with aspirin?

For the practice of using aspirin to wash hair to remove dandruff, some dermatologists say they have not heard of this method and have not studied it clinically. So why does it really work when someone uses it?

Doctors say it may be because aspirin has an anti-inflammatory effect, which may inhibit dandruff caused by some fungi. In addition, the main ingredient of aspirin is salicylic acid, which can protect the cuticle of skin, repair abnormal cell shedding, reduce the production of dandruff and protect the scalp. However, salicylic acid in different concentrations will have different effects, as to how much can be used to inhibit dandruff, doctors said there was no exact study. Therefore, it is necessary to control the quantity when using. Generally speaking, two pieces are enough.

However, aspirin does not inhibit dandruff caused by certain diseases, or when dandruff is very serious. It is recommended to go to the hospital to check the specific causes of dandruff, and then use the medicine according to the doctor's instructions.

How to wash your hair with aspirin:

Mash two aspirin together with shampoo and rub it on the hands until the foam is applied to the hair. Keep it for about two or three minutes, let the aspirin adhere to the scalp, give full play to the function, massage the scalp with the fingers, then rinse it with water, then wash it with shampoo again. After several times, it will be found that the dandruff is reduced.