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Can female menstruation not adjust drink 37 pink? Does menstruation not mix drink 37 powder tube use

for many women, there are problems of irregular menstruation, so how to regulate it? Sanqi powder has a good effect of hemostasis, promoting blood circulation and removing stasis, detumescence and pain, anti fatigue and anti-aging. Many women also take Sanqi powder. Can Sanqi powder be used for irregular menstruation?

Can menstruation not adjust eat 37 pink?

If it is caused by blood stasis menstruation can be adjusted by taking Sanqi powder.

Sanqi has the function of promoting blood circulation and resolving stasis. It is suitable for deficiency of Qi and blood or menorrhagia, thin color gall, empty abdominal pain, dizziness, palpitation, tinnitus, anorexia, etc. If menstruation is not adjusted, you can take Sanqi powder, but you should stop taking it during menstruation. If you take Sanqi powder during menstruation, it will easily lead to more than menstrual blood flow. Sanqi powder can only be taken before or after menstruation.

If less menstruation women can stop menstruation in 3 days after the start of taking, get up in the morning with warm boiled water to dilute take, fasting, preferably not more than 3 grams, continuous take, before menstruation stop.

Suitable for taking Sanqi powder:

1. Less menstrual volume: the less menstrual volume is generally due to blood deficiency, spleen deficiency, accumulation of blood stasis and other factors, while Sanqi powder has the effect of invigorating blood and spleen, which can effectively help discharge blood stasis.

2. Cold hands and feet during menstruation: some girls will have cold hands and feet during menstruation. A large plateau is due to physical problems. The body is cold, Qi and blood are insufficient, plus the loss of Qi and blood, so there will be cold hands and feet. The temperature of Panax Notoginseng Powder can nourish and strengthen the body, activate blood and nourish blood.

The taboo group of Sanqi powder

1. People with heat constitution: the powder of Panax notoginseng is warm. For the patients with Yin deficiency and body heat, who are easy to get angry, they can't take it. Taking it for a long time will make the fever more serious.

2. Women in physiological period: the effect of Sanqi powder on promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis is particularly significant. If women in physiological period take Sanqi powder, it will lead to excessive menstruation and more serious anemia. However, if the menstruation is not adjusted, especially the patients with blood clots in menstruation, they can drink Sanqi powder for conditioning after menstruation.

3. Pregnant women: Sanqi powder has the function of promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis, which can make the uterus excited. It is easy for pregnant women to have abortion when taking it, so pregnant women can't take Sanqi powder.