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What's going on when a mobile phone can't connect to WiFi

What's going on when a mobile phone can't connect to WiFi

Sihai network: in recent years, the popularity of smart phones is faster than people's imagination. We also rely more and more on WiFi. Many friends have encountered this problem. Mobile phones are clearly connected to WiFi but can't go online. What's the matter? How can we solve it!

1. OK, the first step is to make sure that the wireless router has been set successfully. If you want to verify the method, you can first check whether there is our WiFi signal on the laptop

2. Seeing WiFi signal is the first step. The second step is to see whether the signal actually comes from broadband network or is just the wishful thinking of router. The verification method is to click Connect, let the notebook connect to WiFi, input the set password, if there is a password, open Baidu home page

3. After the above steps are completed, it indicates that our WiFi signal has no problem at all. Wait to access new mobile devices.

4. OK, now the problem is that our mobile phone clearly shows that WiFi signal has been connected. But still can't get on the net, or the net speed is like a snail. Click to enter the WiFi setting, first see if it is our WiFi signal

5. Now we have so many WiFi signals and so many interferences. The 'free' signals of China Mobile are not our own WiFi signals. At this time, just click and select our WiFi login in time

6. OK. Another situation is that Mingming is also connected to our account. The laptop can access the Internet, but the speed of the mobile phone is still very slow. What to do? The solution is as follows: first, make sure that your other startup devices do not occupy too much network speed. You can try to turn them off first

7. If this doesn't work, try restarting our mobile phone first, or turn off WiFi and reconnect

8. If step 7 is still unsuccessful, we need to use the trump card, which is to turn off the wireless router and let it rest for 10 minutes. Turn the wireless router back on in ten minutes. Because the router after a long time of use is inevitable.