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Can a pet dog be taken to the subway? What are the prohibited items in the subway?

Subway is an important means of transportation for people's daily travel, so for the sake of passengers' safety, some things can't be taken to the subway, so can pet dogs take to the subway? Which items are prohibited?

One: it's impossible to take a pet dog to the subway. Only blind people can push a guide dog, or properly pack small animals that are not exposed (analysis may refer to hamsters, Dutch pigs, or some birds in boxes)

2. The regulations on the relevant items that cannot be carried by subway are as follows:

[prohibited items]

It is forbidden to bring animals and the following items into the station:

(1) explosive, inflammable, toxic, corrosive, radioactive, infectious disease source, compressed gas, high-pressure container, lithium battery (more than 3) and other toxic, harmful and potential accidents;

(2) firearms, ammunition, controlled knives and all kinds of offensive weapons (except for official performance);

(3) articles that are easy to contaminate, have serious peculiar smell, are fragile without package, meat products that are not properly packed, and other articles that hinder public health.

(4) living animals, with the exception of guide dogs carried by the blind when riding and small animals properly sealed and not exposed;

(5) inflatable balloons, hoes, shoulder poles, iron saws, iron bars, flat carts for transporting goods, bicycles (except folding bicycles that have been folded and meet the luggage specifications), sharp articles and other articles that have potential accidents or affect emergency escape;

(6) articles with a weight of more than 30 kg, a length of more than 1.6 m, or a volume of more than 0.1 cubic meter;

(7) other articles identified by the operation enterprise that affect public safety, operation safety or passenger's personal and property safety. The styles and catalogues of articles prohibited from entering the station shall be announced by the municipal public security and competent departments, and posted and displayed by the operation unit in the station.