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How to collect the small yellow car Tanabata card quickly? Introduction to the activity rules of xia

How can the ofo Qixi card be collected quickly? Why not make money by riding a shared bike on Valentine's day? How many pieces of the ofo Qixi card have you collected? How can the ofo Qixi card be collected? The strongest strategy of the ofo Qixi card is to seize the time before it is collected!

How can ofo qixika be integrated? The best strategy of ofo qixika

Introduction 1: on the day of Qixi (August 28), the probability of riding a small yellow car to collect five kinds of Qixi cards is two times higher than usual.

Introduction 2: in addition to their own bike cards, through social analysis and friends exchange cards, get different kinds of "Qixi card". But, there are 5 kinds of Tanabata cards that have been collected and exchanged. They can't be used to exchange friends.

Strategy 3: in the morning and evening peak, the probability of getting different Tanabata cards by riding a small yellow car is higher than that by riding a small yellow car at noon (12:00-14:00);

Activity details rules

1. Time: 0:00 on August 27 to 23:59 on September 6

2. If you complete an order with a journey of more than 200m, you can get a Qixi card at random. Each user can get a Qixi card only for the first five rides every day

3. Exchange with friends to get different Qixi cards. You can ask friends for Qixi cards or present them to friends

4. Collect 5 different Qixi cards, and you can exchange 77.77 yuan in cash

5. The same user has only one chance to exchange 77.77 yuan for 5 kinds of cards. The redeemed Tanabata card can no longer be used for friend exchange

6. Check the "red envelope income" in "my wallet"

7. Registered users of ofo small yellow car with the same phone number and ID card number are regarded as the same user

8. After collecting 5 kinds of Tanabata cards, users need to forward the activity, which means that they agree to promote the activity for ofo, and ofo provides a cash reward of 77.77 yuan