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502 how to clean the glue on your hands? 502 tips for glue cleaning

In our daily life, we always use 502 glue when we glue something casually. But it's easy for everyone to get 502 glue on their hands, and the result is more sad, it's very difficult to get and wash it. Let's introduce some effective ways to remove 502 glue.

502 how to remove the glue

1. Buy a bottle of "God's water" or "turpentine" and put it on your hand, you can easily wash out 502 glue.

2. Drop banana water on the glue stain, and then use the old toothbrush to stir and brush continuously. When the glue stain becomes soft, take it off, then rinse it with water, wash it repeatedly, and stop after cleaning.

3. Use insulating oil. Pour some insulating oil in the transformer onto the glue stain. 502 glue will soon become soft and can be easily rubbed off.

4. It's said that when it's frozen in the refrigerator, the glue will also fall off. You can try this method.

5. Glue 502 on a small area, just soak it in hot water; suppose glue 502 on a large area, and apply acetone, wait about 5-10 minutes to remove it.

6. Before 502, apply some oily emollient oil such as Vaseline on the hand to prevent the pain of sticking to the hand.

7. Use vinegar, peanut oil or salad oil to eliminate 502 glue, or use nail washing water. Because glue is the same as nail polish. Before using 502 glue, you can put some greasy things on your fingers, such as skin cream and hand cream, which will not touch your hands. This little trick was taught on TV.