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Why Leonardo called little Li? Why is little Li called in the past two years, Leonardo's works rarely appeared on the big screen after he won the Oscar. This legendary movie emperor is affectionately known as "little Li" by many fans. Do you know why Leonardo is called little Li?

Why Leonardo is called little Li? It's reported that Leonardo's Chinese translation can also be translated into Leonardo, so some fans will call him "little brother Li" or "little Li", which is a kind of friendly name at first, and then gradually mixed with some joking taste.

Leonardo profile

Chinese Name: Leonardo & middot; Wilhelm & middot; DiCaprio

Foreign name: Leonardo willm DiCaprio

Nationality: United States

Constellation: Scorpio

Blood type: B

Height: 182cm

Birthplace: Los Angeles, California, USA

Date of birth: November 11, 1974

Occupation: actor, producer

Representative works: Titanic, impunity, blood diamond, inception, wild Hunter

Main achievements: Best Actor Award of Berlin International Film Festival

Best actor of the Golden Globe

Nominations for the 77th Academy Awards

Nominations for the actor of the 79th Academy Awards

Nominations for the 86th Academy Awards

The 88th Academy Award for actor