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Why do people grow wisdom teeth and how to care for them have you ever been tortured by wisdom teeth? Wisdom teeth are the only teeth that do not appear in a specific period of time. They are the last teeth in the dentition. Wisdom teeth not only crowd out normal teeth, but also cause pain. If they are serious, they will disturb people's normal life. So, do you know why people grow wisdom teeth? How to care for them after they grow wisdom teeth!

Reasons for wisdom teeth

Wisdom tooth is actually the third molar in the alveolar bone, because it sprouts very late, mostly at the age of 18 to 25. At this time, people's psychological and physiological development is close to maturity. At this time, the phenomenon of long wisdom tooth appears, with the symbol of "wisdom coming", so it is called "wisdom tooth". Of course, wisdom teeth also appear later, for example, some do not appear until they are 40 or 50 years old, and some do not grow wisdom teeth even when they are old, which are normal.

Of course, not everyone is the same in the growth of wisdom teeth. Generally speaking, the total number of wisdom teeth is symmetrical up, down, left, right and there are four, but there are less than four or only one or two, or none. In these cases, no matter how many wisdom teeth sprout, as long as there is no discomfort and no impact on chewing and oral health, they can be ignored.

Because modern people's diet is relatively fine, many people don't have wisdom teeth all their lives, and some wisdom teeth will be affected by the lack of space when they sprout, resulting in ectopic sprouting and stunting; in addition, the degradation of wisdom teeth itself can also cause the insufficient number of wisdom teeth sprouting, asymmetric sprouting and so on.

The abnormal eruption of wisdom teeth, together with the location of the most innermost, is often difficult to clean, which may lead to pericoronitis of wisdom teeth, caries, periodontitis, pulpitis and other diseases of wisdom teeth or adjacent teeth, resulting in pain. Therefore, for the eruption of wisdom teeth, it is recommended to pay attention to oral hygiene, and for the eruption of abnormal or asymmetric eruption, No If appropriate, timely prevention and treatment should be carried out to prevent more oral problems.

Common symptoms of wisdom teeth

Recurrent Pericoronitis

A blind bag is formed between the soft tissue around the impacted wisdom tooth crown and the teeth, which causes the accumulation of food and bacteria. When the resistance decreases, pericoronitis is inevitable. General anti-inflammatory treatment does not cure the symptoms, so pericoronitis will recur.

dental caries

It is easy to accumulate food residues between wisdom teeth and second molars, and it is not easy to clean them. Generally, caries can be formed in several months, which directly damages the tooth tissue.

Symptoms of temporomandibular joint snapping and molars at night

The impacted wisdom teeth often can't establish the normal occlusion relationship with the opposite teeth, which can lead to the temporomandibular joint snap, mouth opening pain, night molars and other symptoms for a long time, which has a great impact on the physical and mental health of young adults.

Some lesions of trigeminal neuralgia

There is evidence that some impacted wisdom teeth are the focus of some trigeminal neuralgia.

Nursing method

Pay attention to food and avoid burning

When you go to wisdom teeth, you should pay attention to your diet. In this case, even if you don't usually eat spicy food, you should control it now. Don't eat hard things, and don't suggest dry things, let alone spicy ones. And more suggest you eat liquid food, so, do not touch teeth, also not easy to cause fire.

Pay attention to rest, especially at night

When wisdom teeth grow, it's easy to distract during the day because of many things, but at night, when there's nothing to do, the growth pain of wisdom teeth is particularly obvious, especially severe. At this time, it is recommended that you go to bed early and have a rest early. Before you go to bed, you must remember to brush your teeth. You can also send toothpaste to the gums of wisdom teeth with a toothbrush to sterilize them.

Eat more balsam pear and vegetable soup

When wisdom teeth grow, we can't stop eating because of pain, which will cause malnutrition. It's recommended that you eat balsam pear when wisdom teeth are very painful. Balsam pear has the effect of clearing fire and poisoning. Besides, vegetable soup is also a good choice. Cut up the vegetables and boil them into soup. Then drink them. Don't add more salt and other seasonings, supplement nutrition and prevent pain.

Control tongue and avoid licking

When wisdom teeth grow, because it may be inflamed or swollen, we can't help licking the place with our own tongue. This is not right, but it's not conducive to the growth of wisdom teeth. I suggest you control your tongue and don't lick it curiously. In this way, wisdom teeth will grow happily without being disturbed.

Massage assistance to reduce pain

When toothache, we usually choose some gentle facial massage to relieve the symptoms of toothache. When you have wisdom teeth, you can use it. Of course, the best way to do this is clockwise, and the best way is to massage with the big thenar, that is, the root of the thumb with more meat, with better effect.

Pepper to help, tuck into the teeth

If you have severe pain and can't bear it, I'll tell you a good way, but this method may cause you to drool, because you have to control that you can't touch that place with your tongue. That is, put the whole prickly ash into the teeth of the place where wisdom teeth grow with the tongue. In this way, the nerves of the meat there will be temporarily lost due to the effect of hemp, and it will not hurt.

Salt water is clean and sanitary

In general, the toothpaste used for brushing teeth is used for cleaning, but when wisdom teeth grow, because of inflammation and swelling, there will be pus outflow, the toothpaste will not play a great role. At this time, it is recommended that you clean your mouth with salt water after eating or when the toothache is severe, and the effect of mouthwash will be better.

Ice in mouth, cool down

When you have wisdom teeth, you will feel the heat in that place. At this time, if you have ice at home, you can also use ice in your mouth to send the ice to the place where you have wisdom teeth with your tongue. After the ice has melted, you can change it for another one. The effect is good, or you can cover the face in the pain place with ice and towel. The effect is good.

Treatment measures

1. Wash mouth alternately with hydrogen peroxide and salt water

Rinse mouth with hydrogen peroxide. Add twice the amount of hydrogen peroxide. Do not use the original solution. Then rinse your mouth with salt water. Rinse your mouth several times a day, and the symptoms will be relieved. For mild wisdom teeth inflammation, very effective.

2. Infusion treatment

If the inflammation of wisdom teeth is severe and not controlled in time, then it needs to be treated by infusion, because taking anti-inflammatory drugs at this stage of wisdom teeth inflammation can not play a great role.

3. Remove wisdom teeth

For the often inflamed wisdom teeth, we should go to the stomatological hospital for extraction, because wisdom teeth themselves have little effect on us, so it is unnecessary to keep them. Of course, a small number of wisdom teeth are in the right position. If there are wisdom teeth in the opposite jaw and the position is normal, it can also be considered to retain wisdom teeth. Besides, most wisdom teeth need to be removed.

4. Local treatment

The local treatment of pericoronitis is very important. 1-3% hydrogen peroxide solution, normal saline or other sterilizing solution can be used to wash the blind bag every day, and then 3% iodine glycerin can be added. In addition, gargle with compound borax solution or Furacilin Solution several times a day. In the early stage, local physical therapy and external application of Chinese herbal medicine can be used to help the absorption of inflammation. Acupuncture can relieve pain and improve mouth opening. If pus cavity is formed, incision and drainage can be performed.