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After the festival of Chinese Valentine's day, the main force of opening rooms after 95 prefer the s

It seems that the most popular Valentine's Day is young people. According to a recent survey, it has become the main force of house opening after Valentine's Day 95! On August 28, Valentine's Day is coming. Recently, online travel booking platforms such as qunar and tuniu have released consumption reports on Tanabata hotels and tourism. Qunari reported that this year's Qixi, after 95, has become the main force of "opening houses". Because it coincides with the opening season, it also drives the price of high star hotels around colleges and universities to rise by 10%.

With Valentine's Day approaching, high star hotels are generally up 10%.

Where to report shows that 18-29-year-old couples are important consumers of Chinese Valentine's day. Most hotels are booked 3 days ahead of schedule on weekdays, while the hotel on the seventh day of the lunar new year enters the peak period of booking 7 days ahead of schedule. The Touniu report shows that the most competitive users even start to book the hotel on the Chinese Valentine's day 42 days in advance.

From the perspective of consumers' preferences, the report of tuniu shows that the high star hotel takes the lead, accounting for 62% of the total, and the demand for characteristic hotels is also strong.

Interestingly, the Tanabata consumption report of where to go reflects that there is a significant difference in hotel selection between the 85 and 95 generations after Tanabata Festival.

According to the hotel big data of, after 85, they prefer the hot business district and the high star hotel near the scenic spot. After 95, they prefer hotels around the University. Most of them use mobile phones to book places or even teaching buildings. It is precisely because the couples of the students aged 18-22 have become the main force of hotel reservation on the Chinese Valentine's day, which has driven the price of the high star hotel around the university to increase by about 10%.

From the regional point of view, high star hotels near colleges and universities in Chengdu, Chongqing, Xi'an, Kunming and other 'new first tier cities' are the most popular.

From the perspective of check-in time, post-85 people who are obsessed with work prefer the night before the Chinese Valentine's day, because it happens to be Sunday, while post-95 people prefer the night on the Chinese Valentine's day.

In terms of the gender of hotel bookers, post-95 women are obviously more 'expressive', and the proportion of those who take the initiative to book Qixi hotel is about 55%, which is nearly 7% higher than that of post-85 women.

Which hotels are more popular with young people? According to the big data of, terrace, bubble bath, water bed, fragrance, in room cinema, round bed and other hotel supporting facilities are more popular.

In terms of hotel style, there are also obvious differences between post-85 and post-95 groups: post-95 groups prefer 'second dimension' in theme room type, pay attention to 'cute', and require to show their personality and be different. Hotels with anime themed wall decorations, Japanese anime character pillows, and cosplay clothing are the most popular.

In addition to booking hotels, there are also a large number of young couples who choose to travel for Chinese Valentine's day. According to statistics of, during the festival this year, the couples aged 18-29 accounted for 32.09% of the domestic tourists, 6.1 percentage points higher than last year.