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Shake head grandfather shakes a child head to treat cerebral palsy shake head to treat a disease to

Recently, Grandpa shakes his head on the Internet. As we all know, cerebral palsy is a difficult problem to overcome in the medical field. Can such shaking of the child's head really treat cerebral palsy? Is there any scientific basis for such shaking treatment?

On August 24, a video of a man shaking a child's head violently caused controversy. Li Songjiang, a doctor at the Hubei Provincial Maternal and child health center, who is known as "Grandpa shaking his head", is treating her son with "brain retardation", the video publisher confirmed to the serious case group No. 37.

On the evening of August 25, the Hubei women and children's health care hospital where Li Songjiang was located issued a statement that the hospital immediately investigated and verified the diagnosis and treatment behavior after the incident, but did not mention "shaking head treatment".

Child treatment, mother 'tears of pain'

In the video shot by Ms. Yang, her son youyou is lying on his back. Li Songjiang shakes the child's neck back and forth, then rubs the child's head. During this time, Youyou, who is more than 1 year old, has been crying.

Ms. Yang said that last year, youyou had an operation to treat congenital heart disease. In May this year, she went to Hubei maternal and child health hospital for treatment due to pneumonia, malnutrition, brain retardation and congenital heart disease.

On July 11 this year, Ms. Yang found Li Songjiang, a rehabilitation physiotherapist, because she heard that the rehabilitation physiotherapy department of the hospital had a good effect on children's encephalopathy. "Li Songjiang told me that the situation of the child was very serious and that he had a treatment that day. 'Ms. Yang recalled. She said she did not know the means of "shaking head treatment". When she saw this treatment, she cried bitterly. Why would she continue to receive shake head treatment? Ms. Yang said, 'seeing that other children in the Department are also treated in this way, she thought that if she could bear it, it might be cured. '