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What is the skill of choosing watermelon in summer? How to choose watermelon

Don't worry about the beauty of a frozen watermelon in summer! After eating it for so many years, many people think that they have developed a 'eye-catching' skill for watermelon selection. In fact, it's not so. What's the stress of watermelon selection in summer? What's the skill and method of watermelon selection in summer?

1. Look at Guardi

Natural ripe watermelon, melon base is natural curl. This kind of watermelon not only tastes good, but also has no words about its quality.

If the melon base is especially fresh, it is proved that watermelon is in the period of excellent taste. If the melon base looks wilted or shriveled, in general, such watermelon will be stored for a long time, the pulp will be very sandy after a long time, and the taste will become poor, not as sweet as in the fresh state.

Suggestion: buy fresh watermelon, can not be put for a long time, must eat as soon as possible.

2. Look at the melon pattern

There is no mature little watermelon, the color of the melon surface is deep and narrow! It looks young and attractive, but it is not mature enough.

In the process of watermelon ripening, the pattern on the surface of melon will unfold slowly, and the color of green pattern will decrease. If it is a ripening watermelon, the watermelon shortens the growth process, and the melon grain is too late to fully stretch.

3. Look at the shape of melon

Some people like round and big watermelons. In fact, as long as they don't grow into gourd shape (with a thick head and a thick tail or a small head and a small tail) or other strange shapes, the reason why they grow into strange shapes is that they don't develop well. Generally, it's normal for them to grow naturally in an oval shape. However, sister Youcai should remind you not to look at your face too much. A beautiful face doesn't necessarily have a sweet inner part.

4. Look at the color of melon

When some people buy melons, when they see the yellow part at the bottom of the melon, they think it's a sign of natural maturity. In fact, such a judgment is wrong.

The uneven color of watermelon can only prove that the yellow part of melon surface contacts with the soil for a long time and has not been exposed to the sun. This also shows that the grower does not carry out refined management. Generally, the sweetness of the green part and the yellow part of the melon will be different. The reason why Xiaole watermelons are green is because of the hard process of turning and drying them, which makes every mouthful sweet to the heart. Therefore, we should try our best to choose the green watermelon. Of course, we can't find the melon with even color. This one can pass!