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Why did Zhu Zixiao disappear? What happened to Zhu Zixiao's anal fissure Recently, Guo Jingming was accused of sexually harassing male writers, which caused a lot of heated discussion. Many people have been involved in many things, including Zhu Zixiao, who disappeared for a long time. Before Zhu Zixiao was banned, there was also the case of anal fissure gate, which caused a lot of heated discussion again. Then why would Zhu Zixiao be banned? What's the matter with Zhu Zixiao's anal fissure gate? Let's have a look!

Zhu Zixiao went on a hot search with the author Li Feng's revelations. Is it because he lay down his gun for no reason or for other reasons? In addition, why did Zhu Zixiao, who was very popular in the past few years, disappear? On December 17, 2009, in the first issue of encyclopedia, presided over by Zhu Zixiao, an old lady of traditional Chinese medicine, Yang Yi, came. The old lady said that there was a line after turning her mouth up, and hemorrhoids can be seen from people's mouth, Then the hosts check each other, and then the hosts say Zhu Zixiao's is obvious.

The host said that Zhu Zixiao's' line 'was very serious. Please help me to have a look. After looking at Zhu Zixiao's mouth, the old lady said' you have anal fissure '. Then the host shouted' Zixiao ', what happened to you. 'on this occasion, there was Guo Jingming and Zhu Zixiao's anal fissure.

So if Zhu Zixiao's anal fissure incident was unintentional, what would be the relationship between Zhu Zixiao and Guo Jingming? Earlier, an employee who claimed to be Shanghai COE company kicked his boss Guo Jingming anonymously on a forum to break his back with Zhu Zixiao, the actor of Shangguan Ruiqian in "watch meteor shower together", and said that the company's employees had already felt about it, and later let it go The story of Guo Jingming and Zhu Zixiao's bedtime was revealed with astonishing intensity.

According to the anonymous netizen, Guo Jingming got to know Zhu Zixiao, who was very popular on the Internet before shooting together to watch the meteor shower, and then recommended him to tianyili, which made Zhu Zixiao play the role of Shangguan Ruiqian successfully and become a hot idol star in 2009. The netizen also said that Zhu Zixiao can often come across in the company and enter the office freely, and even be ready to take out and share with him, the degree of intimacy can be seen in general.

The netizen then expressed his bitterness, saying that in November 2009, Guo Jingming temporarily replaced the front cover of "the most novel" two days before the final draft in order to praise his "intimate" lover, and changed to Zhu Zixiao, who was extremely out of tune with the theme color of the month, to appear naked, so that the employees' previous hearts and minds were in vain.

At that time, when Zhu Zixiao was very popular, it was also the time with the most gossip. Unlike other male stars, most of Zhu Zixiao's gossip was about men. First of all, some netizens said that Zhu Zixiao and Xiao Si were originally a couple. It was recommended by Guo Jingming that Zhu Zixiao joined in shooting meteor shower together.

Netizens said that Guo Jingming also bought Zhu Zixiao a house, a car and so on. In the eyes of outsiders, Guo Jingming seems to have taken care of him. But later why separates, the netizen guesses is Zhu Zixiao at that time young rebellious. In fact, Guo Jingming was not the only one who had an affair with Zhu Zixiao. Later, another man suddenly broke out his love affair with Zhu Zixiao. It is suspected that Zhu Zixiao wanted to make some bed photos to revenge for breaking up with the man in order to be with Guo Jingming.

However, for these scandals, Zhu Zixiao's studio announced on the official microblog that "the Qing people are self-cleaning, the turbid people are self turbid". Zhu Zixiao not only cancelled the attention of Guo Jingming, deleted the comments, but also deleted the microblog at last. Now Zhu Zixiao suddenly appears on Weibo, but he has changed his name and his avatar. As for why Zhu Zixiao disappeared, netizens speculated that most of them were blocked by the company, but the truth was not answered.

In the 1000th issue of the 20th anniversary of happy base camp, Zhu Zixiao, who has been away from the public for a long time, has come back. But he has changed. Zhu Zixiao once became famous for his role in meteor shower, but in recent years, there is little news about him.

Zhu Zixiao said that because he doesn't often go to variety shows in recent years, everyone doesn't often see him, but happy camp is like his own home, so he still has to go home to watch it, and brought his own TV series my real boyfriend. I hope you can support him.

Although Zhu Zixiao said this time, he didn't play well in the program. I don't know why, Zhu Zixiao just sat quietly when we played games and joked. Where was Zhu Zixiao in the audience's memory?

On December 23, 2014, Zhu Zixiao suddenly emptied his microblog and changed its name. During that time, there were all kinds of rumors about Zhu Zixiao and Guo Jingming on the Internet, perhaps because he couldn't bear the disturbance. Zhu Zixiao chose to say goodbye to the audience in this way.

Although there are a lot of rumors about Zhu Zixiao and Guo Jingming on the Internet, this kind of hearsay is a great harm to the artists. Some anecdotal news from nowhere circulates wildly on the Internet, making the parties suffer from it. In recent years, piggy no longer often appears in the media, he chose a more low-key and suitable for his life, although it is no longer popular attention, but for him, this is not a relief.