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Notice of 2017 mid autumn National Day holiday how many days is the mid autumn National Day holiday

National Day holiday arrangement in 2017? How to have a National Day holiday in 2017? This year's national day and mid autumn holiday are together, so it's delayed to 8 days' holiday, and official work on October 9!

Recently, many little friends are discussing the topic of how to have a holiday on National Day 2017. At present, the official holiday arrangement for 2017 has come out. Today, xiaobianxiang gives a detailed introduction to how to play the National Day in 2017.

October 1 (Sunday), October 2 (Monday) and October 3 (Tuesday) are the National Day legal holidays.

October 4 (Wednesday) is the Mid Autumn Festival.

[i.e. 8 days off from October 1, 2017 to October 8, 2017].

October 9 (Monday) normal work.