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How much is a night's stay in Wuzhen? Which Inn in Wuzhen is cheap and clean?

Wuzhen is a town with simple folk customs. Many young women like to visit Wuzhen. How much does it cost to stay in Wuzhen for one night? Which hotel is better?

The official accommodation of Wuzhen is the midnight hotel of Sanxing and wangfo Inn in dongzha scenic area. Wangfo inn is a quadrangle in the south of the Yangtze River, simple and elegant, located at the entrance of Xinghua bridge in dongzha scenic area. Midnight resort hotel is located opposite to the parking lot of dongzha scenic spot in Wuzhen. Both hotels are priced from 480 yuan.

There are many private inns in dongzha scenic area. The standard room price is usually 70-80 yuan, and the equipment is relatively simple.

Xizhaw Wuzhen house is a two-story old house along the whole xizha street, each of which has different geographical location and room type. Some are close to the water, some are close to the street, and some have a balcony on the bank. Each house is arranged by number, with a total of 65. Each room is managed by the landlord, with 4-6 rooms, and the landlord can also operate catering in the living room on the ground floor. Each family has different decoration styles and modern living facilities. The landlord is very enthusiastic and cooks a good dish at a moderate price.

According to different bed types and prices, the price of 1.5 king bed is 780 yuan, including double breakfast. Breakfast is concentrated in the No. 16 home stay. Folk custom platform is next to folk custom No.3.

Netizen's Tip: No. 50 is recommended. The water front room on the ground floor is the courtyard beside the water, and the old post office is opposite.

The three clubs in xizha are Jintang club, hengyitang & bull; health club and Shengting club. They are all luxurious places hidden in the old streets of ancient houses. Jintang is the largest and the most luxurious one, with its hardware facilities arranged according to the standard of over five stars. Hengyi hall health club is a typical garden building in Ming and Qing Dynasties. There is a health medicine room in the club. Shengting clubhouse is a century old water town mansion rebuilt, but also has tea bar, coffee shop and other facilities.

There is also a five-star standard Resort Hotel in jiatong'an hotel. There are also supporting services such as Jinlian theme bar, jingxingkui cafe, outdoor swimming pool, five hall salt bath, etc.

Wisteria youth hotel is located in the west gate of Wuzhen, with its back against the water stage of the scenic spot. In front of it are yidasi and Shitian square, with public kitchen, shower, air conditioning and hot water. The bed is a student dormitory type upper and lower bunk, the price is 60 yuan / bunk.