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What's the reason for tooth brushing bleeding? How should gum haemorrhage do?

gingival bleeding (tooth bleeding) is one of the common symptoms in stomatology. In general, gingival bleeding is common in the early stage of periodontitis - gingivitis. Gingival bleeding is not only a disease of Stomatology, but also a disease of the whole body, which may indicate other diseases of the system, such as leukemia, radiation exposure, autoimmune diseases, etc. in recent years, the relationship between periodontal disease and diabetes is more and more recognized by the medical community.

Introduction of bleeding from brushing teeth

When the plaque in the mouth forms on the surface of the tooth, if it is not removed in time, it will gradually harden and form calculus. Most of the calculus is located at the joint of the tooth body and the gum. This kind of hard calculus will have a continuous stimulation effect on the gum. When the normal gum is stimulated by inflammation, the capillary of the gum will increase, become congested, and the color of the gum will become dark. Once stimulated, the gum will easily bleed. This is the cause of gum bleeding. As gingivitis is the early stage of periodontitis, regular cleaning (tooth washing) can remove the calculus on the teeth and relieve the inflammation of gingiva, which can make gingivitis recover.

Periodontitis, not only gum bleeding, and teeth began to loose, only regular cleaning (tooth washing) has not been able to restore the disease, only to take curettage and other periodontal treatment or periodontal surgery, to alleviate the disease.

Treatment of bleeding by brushing teeth

1. Supplement nutrition

There are many reasons for bleeding, so it is necessary to find out the cause of bleeding in order to effectively prevent and treat. If it is lack of vitamin C, in addition to taking vitamin C tablets under the guidance of doctors, pay more attention to supplement foods rich in vitamin C and eat more fruits and vegetables. If it is periodontitis, take anti-inflammatory drugs under the guidance of the doctor, and follow the doctor's advice for further consultation. You can't stop taking drugs at will. But in fact, the gingiva will not get nutrition from the human body system after adulthood, so there will be more problems. Supplement nutrition can't solve the problem of bleeding, which should be a misunderstanding at present. If you don't believe it, you can try to supplement VC first.

2, tooth cleaning

We are familiar with ultrasonic tooth washing, which is aimed at removing calculus. Because dental calculus is more likely to cause the accumulation of dental bacteria class, resulting in gingivitis, gingival bleeding, periodontal disease. So removing calculus is a medical practice. Of course, at the same time of treatment, the stones on the neck and adjacent surfaces of teeth are removed, and the teeth will also have whitening performance. The disadvantage of tooth washing is that it is more painful and produces more blood. The surface of teeth is rough after washing, and the appearance of tooth stained calculus is faster. Finally, there is the possibility of infection.

3. Biological absorption treatment

Use it with mouth and then brush your teeth.

4. Choose the right toothpaste

In fact, there is a great relationship between tooth bleeding and improper selection of toothpaste. If the protection of gingiva is ignored in daily care, it is likely to aggravate the deterioration of tooth disease.

To prevent gum bleeding, we should pay attention to the following points

(1) if it is due to poor oral hygiene, there is a large amount of tartar and tartar which cause the stimulation of bleeding (the most common situation), you can go to the stomatology department to ask the doctor to clean the teeth, remove the tartar and tartar (commonly known as tooth washing, medically known as scaling and curettage), and take antibiotics for 1 week, gingival inflammation will soon be eliminated, and the bleeding will stop. Generally speaking, even if there is no gum bleeding, you should wash your teeth once a year or half a year.

(2) in case of gingival bleeding caused by residual roots and crowns, the residual crowns and roots shall be removed and dentures shall be inlaid later; in case of gingival bleeding caused by making bad braces or bad restorations, the braces or teeth shall be made again.

(3) women should pay attention to oral health during menstruation and pregnancy. Usually, gum bleeding can be significantly reduced after menstruation and pregnancy.

(4) select a new type of health toothbrush to avoid forced horizontal brushing and vertical brushing to prevent bleeding caused by gingival stimulation.

(5) in case of large-scale spontaneous gingival bleeding with unknown cause, it is necessary to check it in hospital as early as possible to determine whether there is blood system disease. Especially hidden blood diseases. We should pay high attention to find out the reasons and deal with them in time.