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Zhao Mingyi cup what stem? Rock and roll boy changes into heat preservation cup uncle years ruthless

What's the reason for Zhao Mingyi's thermos cup? The old rock brother now becomes a paunchy uncle. The years are so merciless! No one expected that an ordinary thermos cup with a sentence "thermos cup is standard for middle-aged people" would burst the circle of friends and become the most popular joke these days.

What kind of fire is this? What kind of mentality and practical significance does the net red heat preservation cup reflect?

A middle-aged photographer went to take a picture of the once popular rock band black leopard. He came back and exclaimed that it was inconceivable! The iron man in those days came to me with a thermos cup. Soon, the screenshot of this circle of friends was swiped. Later, Zhao Mingyi, the drummer who is the owner of the thermos cup, posted a micro blog. He sat on the chair with a big belly and a big belly. He held the thermos cup in his hand and blew air into it carefully. The following text said: I heard that my thermos cup is on fire in the micro blog?

'Zhao Mingyi's thermos cup' has drawn two camps

A man of iron age now comes to me with a thermos cup. The contrast that has been painted has made the red red thermos cup a universal Carnival which is wantonly tucking away from the dark. What's interesting is that these two camps are inadvertently drawn out - for the post-90s and post-00s who are in their prime, it's more like a piece full of joy and self mockery; while those who grow up with the Black Panther band, the Post-70s and post-80s, lament and self darken the helplessness and reality of the years.

Fu Shuqin, a post-90s graduate student, told us that many of her peers did take out thermos cups to take photos, and then they would send a micro blog saying, "scared, I've sprinkled two medlar in my beer" or "scared me to talk about a twilight love" cloud.

After 90, after 00 deliberately sedulous, ridicule, on the Internet after some 70, 80 after Tucao, 70 after the netizens said that'20 years later, you see deer Han and Yang Yang wearing pants, when the belly is walking on the street, you can understand the mood after 70 now. '

The thermos cup has become a net red, and many public numbers who are good at borrowing lots of enthusiasm have begun to issue the article in the middle age crisis. For a while, speaking of the thermos cup seems to be tantamount to talking about the middle age crisis. However, is it necessary to carry out the vacuum cup?