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Does sleeping mobile phone put bedside to brain radiate big? What's the harm of putting mobile phone

For many young people in modern times, it's a very common thing to play with mobile phones to brush microblog and visit Taobao before going to bed. Mobile phones never leave you. Even when you sleep, you will put them beside you. It's not surprising that there are many hazards when you put them on the bed. How far away is the safe distance when you sleep? Is it harmful for you to put them on the bed for a long time?

When sleeping, how far is the safe distance between mobile phones and people?

Cell phone radiation can affect the function of nervous system, immune system, circulatory system and life development. Girls who like to hang their cell phones on their chests are prone to endocrine damage, leading to arrhythmia, menstrual disorders, etc.; men who like to put their cell phones in their trouser pockets will not only cause some diseases, but also reduce sperm activity by as much as 30%. Therefore, it's better to turn off the phone when you sleep, because the mobile phone has radiation, no matter where you put it on the bed, you must turn on the phone at night, if the place with the least radiation should be the heel. Don't put the mobile phone near the pillow, but there is no authoritative data about the distance. Most people prefer 1.5m.

The harm of putting the mobile phone on the head of the bed affects sleep

In fact, the mobile phone will produce a series of radio waves, and this part of radio waves will affect the blood flow in the cerebral cortex, causing changes in EEG, which may not be very big, but for those who have insomnia themselves, they may not sleep for the night.

Damage to the brain

You should know that even if the radio waves sent by mobile phones are few, some of them will be absorbed by the human body. If you put your mobile phone on the pillow for a long time to sleep, it is likely to cause headaches, dizziness, tinnitus and other problems.

Affect endocrine

Especially for female friends, if the mobile phone is placed beside the pillow for a long time, it is likely to cause endocrine disorders and even menstrual disorders, which cannot be ignored. Want to know, menstruation is not adjusted not only can affect the ovulation condition of the female seriously, still can cause the problem that conceives difficulty even.

Affecting fertility

It is important to know that the harm of mobile phone radiation to male reproductive system is very large. According to professional survey data, if you receive mobile phone microwave radiation for a long time, it is likely to lead to less sperm production and higher probability of asthenospermia.

May cause tumor

In addition, many people have said that the radiation generated by mobile phones may lead to the death of neurons in the body under high temperature. If some of the glial cells that split in the later stage are abnormal, it will increase the probability and possibility of tumor occurrence.


According to a large number of survey results, people who put mobile phones on their ears for a long time have a higher probability of osteoporosis. Although the relationship between the two and the triggering mechanism have not been fully understood, the result is an iron general fact.

In fact, there are many people like to put their mobile phone on the edge of the pillow for charging, which is much more harmful than simply putting the mobile phone on the ear. This is because the charging device of the mobile phone is inserted into the transformer, which will produce more strong magnetic field vibration inside. It must be noted that the best way to keep the mobile phone away from themselves before sleeping.