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Is 2017 teachers' day off?

Respecting teachers and valuing education is a tradition of the Chinese nation. It is also necessary for parents to give a special gift to their children's teachers on Teachers' day. Is 2017 teachers' day off? Because 2017 teachers' Day is September 10, Sunday, and weekend off. Normal non weekend teacher's Day is not a holiday.

Because in accordance with the provisions of Article 5 of the measures for the holiday of national annual festivals and anniversaries, there is no holiday on the 27th anniversary, the 53th anniversary, the 77th anniversary of the Anti Japanese War, the 93rd anniversary of the victory of the Anti Japanese War, the 918th anniversary, teachers' day, nurses' day, journalists' day, tree planting day and other festivals and anniversaries.

Teachers' Day blessings 1, deeply appreciate you, every star; deeply miss you, every rain; deeply greet you, every ray of sunshine; deeply bless you, every message. Happy Teachers' Day!

2. The chalk in your hand slowly turns into the dust of love, which whitens your originally dark hair. On this special day, I would like to offer you a sentence: teacher, you have worked hard!

3. The world is full of peaches and plums, and the teacher's kindness is as deep as the sea! Peaches and plums are self-evident, and the river is formed under them. Step through every corner of the heart, step through every inch of the heart, full of deep respect for you, thank you, dear teacher!

4. Your earnest instruction, along with the flying chalk dust, write down your unrepentant hard work; my thoughts are like birds flying, fanning the stream in my heart to wish, teachers' day to wish you the mood and beauty in the festival!

5. If I can fight against the blue sky, it's the wings you give me to fly; if I'm a warrior fighting against the waves, it's the power you give me to make waves; if I'm an immortal torch, it's the light you give me to be young!

6. You are the bridge, connecting the cut mountains for us, let us go to the peak of harvest; you are the Ivy, tough and slender, guiding us to pick the Ganoderma lucidum and ginseng on the top of the cliff.

7. Your hard work is your selfless dedication, and your highest honor is to fill the world with peaches and plums. Wish you: happy holidays! Happiness forever!

8. On the podium, in the cold, summer, spring, summer, autumn and winter, I will spare no effort; in the garden, I will help the disabled and the weak. In the wind, frost, rain and snow, I will cultivate a new pavilion. Teacher, hard work! I wish you a happy Teacher's day, happy every day!

9. With the deep feeling of teachers' day, I will give the beautiful to the gardener; with the coming of Mid Autumn Festival, I wish you good luck to travel with you; my blessing to you never stops, I sincerely wish you both win in career and love, and always in a good mood!

10. You are the granular foundation stone of skyscrapers. You are the bridge pier across the river. You are the middle stream pillar of China's construction. Teachers, happy holidays! You are the soul of the engineer! We will always respect you, love you!