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Do you like the limited bags for Chinese Valentine's day? How much is the limited bag for the Sevent

what are the activities of Valentine's day on the seventh day of Dior? Many luxury brands will launch relevant preferential activities on Valentine's day. Dior will also launch limited bags on the seventh day of the year. Is it good to see the limited bags on the seventh day of the year? Who is the spokesperson of the limited bags on the seventh day of the year? Let's take a look with the editor!

In this year's Eve, Dior launched the Chinese version of the limited bag, and asked the spokesperson to shoot a large advertising film. Is the limited bag good-looking? Who is the spokesperson of the limited bag?

Do you like the special bag for Chinese Valentine's Day

Although there is still half a month to go before Chinese Valentine's day on August 28, only this week, three luxury brands have launched limited edition handbags on Chinese Valentine's day, Loewe, Chlo & eacute; and Valentino. Dior also released a pre heating advertisement for the limited handbag on the Chinese Valentine's day yesterday. It can be seen that Chinese Valentine's day has become the most important time node of the year for luxury brands in the Chinese market. For a while, Dior launched a limited luxury handbag on Chinese Valentine's day and re selected the romantic red blockbuster launched by angelababy, the brand ambassador of China, which is called one of the hottest topics in social media. In the blockbuster, angel ababy, the brand ambassador of Dior Dior in China, plays the dioramour series, wearing a red peach heart sweater and short shirt, lying next to the limited handbag of dioramour series, which is affectionate and full of honey. In the newly exposed trailer, angelababy holds hands with a red love handbag, which is exquisite and bears a strong and lasting love.

Red is really a color people love and hate, beautiful and eye-catching. As beautiful as red rose and white rose, but also each has its own beauty. Angelababy's style of wearing red dress and white skirt is quite different. Chinese Valentine's Day is coming, red make-up and red skirt step on the beloved high heel, which is the beginning of dating self-confidence. Is there any red color deeper in your heart? The limited red single is too surprising, just lovely, and more looking forward to angelababy holding hands with Dior to attack your girl's heart!

How about the 2017dior Chinese Valentine's Day Bag, which is specially designed for the special limited edition of Chinese Valentine's day. As a design color that appears frequently in modern times, the red color is modern and charming. All in red!

Who is the spokesperson of the special limited edition bag on Chinese Valentine's Day

This special limited edition of Lady Dior on the seventh day of 2017 invited angel lababy Yang Ying, brand ambassador of Dior China, to shoot a large film. Baby also sang you are my sunshine for lady Dior -- 'you are my sunshine, my only sunshine ~', which seems to be very kind-hearted.

This brand-new lady Dior handbag is more fashionable on Chinese Valentine's day. At the same time, it is elegant in Paris and modern in London. The gold rivets represent the unique personality of Lady Dior handbag women.

This handbag also embodies the exquisite skills of Dior leather workshop. From the selection of leather to the sewing of rattan pattern, to the assembly of metal, every step embodies the highest technology of leather production, and every detail of design is the perfect embodiment of today's female personality.

On this bag, baby seems to say: my Chinese Valentine's Day is to have a lover who has a bag to collect. You are also worthy of this festival.

On August 15, Dior will also launch the exclusive Chinese Valentine's Day! The purpose is very clear, that is to cure your "invisible lack of package" disease. Although it hasn't been officially launched yet, it should be the same red lady Dior as baby from the poster, and there will be a small heart to do accessories