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Why can't I get through the customer service phone when a woman is trapped in a shared car and smash

Now the whole people have entered the era of sharing. The emergence of various sharing things, such as sharing bicycles, sharing fitness equipment and sharing hotels, brings great convenience to people's daily life, but there are also many problems!

On August 13, Ms. Chen accidentally settled accounts in the car when using the sharing car of Shouqi, making herself locked in the cab of the sharing car. She spent more than half an hour in the airtight carriage with a temperature of nearly 40 degrees. She dialed five customer service calls in a row, all of which were unable to connect. Finally, the police and others had no choice but to break the window to save people. But the system requires Ms. Chen to pay for the extra cost of breaking the glass on the driver's side.

Shouqi shared car said that the unlocking setting in the car is the same as that in the home car, and the unlocking button is set. Even if the lock is dropped, the trapped person can still open the door through the unlocking button. Miss Chen said she was really flustered at the time of the incident and didn't carefully observe the unlocking button in the car. She said that operators should stick some small safety signs in the car, such as the location of the unlocking button, so that in case of an emergency, people in the car can open the door in time.

Lawyer thinks: 'in the process of sharing car rental, consumers and Shouqi share car owners form a contractual relationship, so Miss Chen needs to follow the relevant contract regulations. On the other hand, Shouqi sharing car should provide consumers with warning service, and respond to the emergency help of users.