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What are the hazards of excessive fitness when being informed of the danger of illness

What are the hazards of excessive fitness when being informed of the danger of illness we all know that fitness can not only strengthen the body, but also improve the body's immunity. There is no harm in shaping the body shape. All of us should have a certain degree. Excessive fitness can not only make the body strong, but also cause sudden death. Let's see the details below!

Doctors say it's rhabdomyolysis

Sudden death possible

Yesterday, when Xiaozhao was contacted by a reporter from the Chinese business daily, he had just left hospital and was still recovering.

'I've worked out before, and I've been off for a while. On July 25, I went to the gym again to work out. When I came back that day, I felt my arm was dull and painful. I didn't care. I thought it was a normal reaction after exercise. I insisted on going the next day and the third day. On the fourth day, I felt very uncomfortable. My arms were swollen, my urine volume was very small, and the color of urine was not right. I hurried to the hospital for examination. "Said Xiao Zhao.

After arriving at the hospital, Xiao Zhao thought it was a simple muscle strain. Unexpectedly, the doctor asked him to be hospitalized immediately and issued a critical notice. "The doctor said that my condition was very dangerous. It belonged to rhabdomyolysis, and there was a possibility of sudden death. I was scared at that time, so I rushed to the hospital for treatment. "After 10 days of hospitalization, Xiao Zhao finally recovered and left the hospital.

Doctor: over exercise may cause renal failure

The reporter learned that Xiao Zhao was hospitalized in the Third Hospital of Xi'an after he found out that he was unwell.

"When the patient came to the hospital, he was diagnosed with rhabdomyolysis because of his sore muscles and oily urine. This is because excessive exercise leads to muscle damage, which has an impact on the liver and kidney. If not treated in time, it is likely to cause life risk. "Said Gao Yi, director of Nephrology Department of Xi'an Third Hospital.

Gao Yi said that in clinical practice, patients with rhabdomyolysis are often received. Most of the patients' conditions are caused by improper exercise, most of them are young people who are in shock sports. This kind of people seldom exercise at ordinary times. They do exercises on a whim or on weekends. When the muscles are damaged due to improper exercise, a large amount of myoglobin in the muscles enters the blood. When excreted through the kidney, the renal tubules will be blocked, leading to acute renal failure.

'we suggest that you exercise moderately to avoid damage to the body. 'said Gao.

Expert: it's better to have a physical examination in the hospital before starting Sports

Gou Bo, a doctor of Sports Human Science in Xi'an Institute of physical education, thinks that for people with sports foundation, there are not many problems after sports. But for people who rarely exercise, or do not exercise for a long time, if you want to start exercising suddenly, you'd better go to the hospital for a physical examination and find an expert to write a exercise prescription, which will avoid accidents similar to the above cases.

Gou Bo suggested that exercise should follow the principle of proper amount, from less to more, step by step. 'some people never exercise, see others run marathons, and run on their own, so they may run out of danger of life; some people take twenty or thirty thousand steps a day on wechat, young people can still, if they are old people, it is likely to cause arthritis, because the The burden is too heavy. '

Gou Bo said that fitness is also a truth, not healthy, suddenly to the gym to exercise for a few hours, it is indeed possible to cause rhabdomyolysis. Exercise is a double-edged sword. If the method is right, it will be good for the body. If the method is wrong or excessive, the body can't bear it, it will be bad for health.