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What do you mean you can't die? What's the reason

Four seas network: in the era of network explosion, network language is emerging in an endless stream, and swearing words are also highly skillful. Recently, you can't die. A swearing word network crazy, what do you mean? Let's have a look!

What do you mean 'you can't die'

At first glance, this word is a question sentence, but actually it is not asking for advice. Its actual meaning is to simply want to trouble you to die. It is often used in Tucao when you do not understand, can not tolerate, is stupid things or behavior, become a universal God, whether it is faced with bear children, Xiong Jiachang, forced marriage, red envelopes... Happily.

Where do you come from

The word is the first golden sentence commonly used by crosstalk actor Guo Degang.

'you can't die' development experience

To say that the word really popular network or not rely on the master apprentice, oh, former apprentice. In September 2016, the incident of Guo Degang and Cao Yunjin's tearing up the Internet was so heated that the teachers and students broke up. In January 2017, Cao Yunjin took part in a program of Tucao, and imitated his skills. He also imitated Guo Degang. 'let other guests look around. Cao Yunjin also said in the program that even the seven of them are not as good as themselves, not even Guo Degang, the former master. The word became popular on the Internet. Later, it was often used as a universal term for connecting people on the Internet. Guo Degang suspected that he would choke Cao Yunjin back: what can I do if you don't die.

'you can't die' expression pack

When you can use expression packs to treat people, try to save saliva. Everyone, take it.