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Does the Civil Affairs Bureau of Qixi Valentine's day need to line up in advance to get the license?

The meaning of getting married on Valentine's day on Chinese Valentine's Day is a good omen. Which day will you choose to get married? Every year, the Chinese Valentine's Day is a high incidence period of license, so when is the Chinese Valentine's day this year? Can you get married on the Chinese Valentine's day in 2017? The Chinese Valentine's day in 2017 is on August 28, Monday, and it's on a working day.

On this year's Chinese Valentine's day, it's a working day. Marriage registries everywhere will work normally. They will make preparations in advance and accept new people's appointments in advance. Relevant staff reminded that the new people who plan to receive the card must carry their own residence booklet, ID card and other documents and materials to the marriage registration authority where one party's permanent residence is located.

What should be prepared for the marriage license? According to the marriage law, it can be handled in the place where either of you has registered permanent residence. With the current marriage registration method, you can register at the marriage registration office of the District Civil Affairs Bureau where your account is located.

Materials to be brought

1. ID cards of both parties;

2. Account books of both parties;

3. Three 2-inch group photos with red background. When I went to the photo studio, I said I would take a wedding photo. (that is to say, you don't have to go to the Civil Affairs Bureau to take photos.)

4. The cost of marriage certificate is 9 yuan. Before you go, you'd better make a copy of the ID card and account book of both parties. It may be one yuan and one copy at the registration office.

5. Both parties must be present in person. It is advisable to sign the form after completion.

As long as it's a working day, you can go there that day