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How to keep healthy after the start of autumn

How to keep healthy after the start of autumn one of the 24 solar terms in Chinese tradition, Liqiu also means the beginning of autumn. However, there is a rainy day after autumn, that is to say, the temperature of the weather will not fall down immediately, and the early autumn will still be dominated by heat. We still need to pay attention to heat dissipation and heat dissipation in diet. Let's have a look at how to keep healthy after Liqiu!

Four health preservation treasures of clothing, food, housing and transportation in autumn

Clothes: spring and Autumn

Since ancient times in China, there has been a saying of health preservation and health care that "spring covers autumn and frost, no miscellaneous diseases". Therefore, dressing in autumn should also conform to the needs of 'Yin Jin internal storage, Yang Qi internal collection', and freeze properly.

But autumn freezing can't be simply understood as not wearing clothes when it's cold. In early autumn, when the weather suddenly becomes cold, it is necessary to increase clothes properly, otherwise, diseases will not be prevented, but will be caused by disasters. At this time, we should properly increase our clothes to make ourselves feel a little cold rather than cold, rather than warm and tightly wrapped.

Food: no tonic

After a long hot summer, people's spleen and stomach are mostly damaged, and their digestive function is still in a fragile state. Therefore, at the beginning of autumn, it is not suitable for tonic, but mainly for regulating the functions of spleen and stomach, laying a good foundation for tonic in autumn and winter.

Living: early lying and early rising to prevent air conditioning disease

After the beginning of autumn, it is advisable to lie early and rise early in the daily life, because lying early can regulate the Yang Qi in the human body, and rising early can stretch the lung qi. Getting up early in autumn can also reduce the chance of thrombosis, which has a certain significance for the prevention of ischemic diseases such as cerebral thrombosis. Generally speaking, it's better to go to bed from 9 to 10 in the evening and get up from 5 to 6 in the morning.

In addition, after the beginning of autumn, the weather is cooler in the morning and evening, so the air conditioner should not be opened for too long, and it is better not to open or only dehumidification at night. In this way, it can not only cool down and dispel summer heat, but also prevent air conditioning diseases. At the same time, people in air-conditioned environment should often drink ginger soup. Because ginger has three effects of sweating, relieving the surface, warming the stomach, stopping nausea and detoxification, it can effectively prevent and treat air-conditioning diseases.

OK: do more outdoor sports, still need heatstroke prevention

The beginning of autumn doesn't mean the arrival of real autumn. At this time, the heat of summer is not dissipated, and it often needs to continue to the middle and last ten days of September, so the weather will be really cool. Therefore, we should pay close attention to the weather forecast, watch out for autumn tigers and heatstroke.

Precautions for health preservation in autumn

1. Pay attention to the cold autumn

After Bailu, the weather will gradually turn cold. Don't wear it too cool at this time, or you will catch cold easily.

2. Eat cold fruits carefully

After the beginning of autumn, do not eat all kinds of watermelon and cantaloupe, or it will aggravate the cold in your body.

3. Don't make up

The beginning of autumn is a good time to stick the fat and supplement. But it can't be overused. It can mainly nourish yin and moisten dryness. It can eat fish, job's tears, spinach, tremella, bird's nest and other foods.

4. Don't over exercise

Proper exercise can enhance the body's ability to adapt to cold climate, but don't overdo it. When the body is slightly hot, you can stop exercising without sweating. Dry in time after sweating.

5. Be careful of obesity

Autumn can be appropriate to supplement nutrition, but do not overeat, do not eat too much greasy fried food, or it may lead to weight gain.

Tips: recommended recipes for autumn health

1. Stewed lean meat with lotus seed and Lily

Materials: 20g lotus seed (cored), 20g lily, 100g pig lean meat, appropriate salt.

Production: use lotus seed (cored), lily, pork lean meat, add some water with the pot, meat cooked rotten with salt seasoning.

Efficacy: clear the heart, moisten the lungs, replenish qi and calm the nerves.

2. Astragalus yam congee

Materials: 30g of Astragalus, 30g of yam, 50g of Japonica rice, proper amount of salt.

Production: first boil Astragalus with water to remove the dregs, then boil yam and Japonica Rice with the juice to make porridge, and taste with salt.

Efficacy: replenish lung qi.