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2018 mid autumn festival activity planning scheme mid autumn theme planning proposal

It's going to be the Mid Autumn Festival in 2018. For the traditional festival of our country, many businesses will hold some activities in this happy festival. We can well plan the theme activities of Mid Autumn Festival. The following is the theme of the mid autumn festival activity planning organized by Xiaobian, the creative mid autumn theme scheme, for reference only!

Planning theme of Mid Autumn Festival

1、 Background

Every year, on the 15th day of August in the lunar calendar, as the traditional Mid Autumn Festival in China, all Chinese look up at the biggest and most beautiful moon of the year and place their thoughts on it. The mid autumn harvest festival, ushered in one node after another, bravely climbing the peak of the project, but also a festival people yearn for a better life. This day is the establishment of a bright future for the company, and it is more to strengthen the faith of overseas employees and greatly improve their sense of belonging.

2、 Purpose of the activity

By means of the festival, we can activate the company atmosphere, enrich the spare time life of employees, realize the interaction between the company and employees, close the internal interpersonal relationship, activate the body and mind, make employees more vigorous, more positive and optimistic attitude, more harmonious relationship, and consolidate the corporate culture atmosphere.

3、 Activity theme

A full moon on the banks of the Hubang River, the wind is blowing the Hualong sails.

4、 Activity time

This year's Mid Autumn Festival is on Monday, September 8.

5、 Venue

Company canteen

6、 Activity personnel

Chinese personnel and special guests for Mid Autumn Festival

7、 Preparation

&Middot: the administration department is responsible for the preparation, planning, publicity and implementation of preliminary activities. (including two posters, the content of which is to stretch out one hand and put the left and right palms flat like a handshake, with the moon as the background, the rounder the better. On behalf of us, we sincerely invite every employee to participate in our activities. One is posted to the canteen of the main camp of China, and the other is posted to the office of the main camp of China. )

Relevant material support for festival activities, including moon cake gift box delivery (in the morning of Sunday, the person in charge of each department shall issue moon cake list according to the Mid Autumn Festival provided by the administrative department), vehicle transfer (if necessary)

The Chinese canteen needs to provide some meals that are not involved or need to have dinner in the canteen, the renovation of the site (the site needs to be cleared of weeds, weeding, insecticides, which are in the charge of the logistics), the placement and planning of hardware facilities (three round tables need to be provided for the guests)

Use and recovery of barbecue equipment, supply of food and materials (barbecue: beans, quail eggs, chicken heart, chicken gizzards, leeks, dried tofu, bananas, potatoes, chicken wings, corn, eggplant, gluten, green pepper, prawn, tilapia and other cold dishes: cold mixed three silk, fried / vinegar soaked peanuts, Drinks: mainly beer and carbonated drinks, at least two or more personnel from each department are assigned to assist the administrative department in logistics preparation) cleaning and cleaning of the site, collection of photographic materials on the day of the event, and subsequent Festival text reports.

Planning theme of Mid Autumn Festival

1、 Background:

1. Origin of the festival: the Mid Autumn Festival is also known as the Moon Festival, autumn festival, Mid Autumn Festival, August Festival, August meeting, moon chasing Festival, moon playing Festival

The moon worship Festival, daughter's day or reunion festival is a traditional cultural festival popular among many ethnic groups in China and East Asian countries. It is on the 15th day of the eighth month of the lunar calendar. Because it is exactly half of the three autumn festival, it is also named Mid Autumn Festival in some places. The mid autumn festival began in the early Tang Dynasty and prevailed in the Song Dynasty. By the time of Ming and Qing Dynasties, it was as famous as new year's day and became one of the major festivals in China. Influenced by the Han culture, the Mid Autumn Festival is also a traditional festival for some countries in Southeast Asia and Northeast Asia, especially for the overseas Chinese living in liuxue86. Since 2008, the Mid Autumn Festival has been listed as a national legal holiday. The state attaches great importance to the protection of intangible cultural heritage. On May 20, 2006, the festival was approved by the State Council to be included in the first batch of national intangible cultural heritage list. Mid Autumn Festival is one of the three major lantern festivals in China. You should play with lights during the festival. But the Mid Autumn Festival does not have a large lantern festival like that. Playing with lights is mainly between families and children.

2. Activity review: basic review and pictures of the last Mid Autumn Festival.

3. For people: Pyramid Principle

For the citizens of Shanghai now, those who understand and study the traditional Chinese customs belong to a small part of the population market share is very small, and they are familiar with the customs and habits of these things; The second is the middle group, which is more than the number of scholars, but significantly less than the number of local citizens. It is also the main target group (audience) of our activity; Finally, the vast majority of people in China, the largest number of people, have a certain understanding of Chinese traditional festivals, but do not want scholars or researchers generally proficient, there is a cognitive gap. It is also one of the service objects of this activity.

2、 Contents of this activity

1. To watch the moon cake making process, the famous brand moon cake maker will come to the scene to make all kinds of filling moon cakes, so that all visitors, including the Chinese, can have an intuitive understanding of the moon cake making, and each visitor can choose their own favorite taste of moon cakes to eat, drink osmanthus wine and enjoy the moon (sunny weather). PS: if the conditions permit, you can join the sponsor's booth for selling moon cakes on site. In return for sponsorship.

2. Due to the hot weather during the Mid Autumn Festival, folding fans can be distributed to every visitor, who can enjoy the moon while talking, and have a special taste of fans at the same time.

3. It is divided into three areas (Jiangnan District, Northeast District, and foreign district) so that visitors can understand different customs in different regions, and English lecturers can explain the allusions of various customs, with medium and large-scale pictures, so that the audience can have a more in-depth understanding of the Mid Autumn Festival.

4. Musical instruments perform folk songs. It is suggested that pipa, guzheng, erhu, etc. complement each other with the mid autumn festival atmosphere.

5. Place 100 Kongming lights on site. As one of the three major Chinese lantern festivals, Kongming lights will be released on the night of the Mid Autumn Festival. We distribute 100 Kongming lanterns to the top 100 visitors, and make them by hand under the guidance of the teacher, write down the best wishes in our hearts and put them in the lanterns, and release them at the end of the activity. So far, the activity has come to a successful end!

3、 Activity flow

1. Pre publicity: dmsingle page distribution, invitation letter sending, newspaper reports

2. Site selection and material construction

3. Execution in activities

4. Summary