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When will Huawei mate20 release Huawei mate20 appearance price configuration summary in China

When will Huawei mate20 release Huawei mate20 appearance price configuration summary in China

Four seas network: Huawei will hold a conference in London on October 16, when it will release its flagship new machine, Huawei mate 20. In the past two years, Huawei mate 20 has been in the high-end business model, which is favored by many business people. When will Huawei mate 20 be released in China and how about its configuration? Come and have a look.

Roland Quandt, a well-known informant, shared two spy photos of Huawei mate 20 pro. He reconfirmed that the front of the mobile phone would use curved screen, with a narrow chin. The area occupied by the bangs was smaller than that of the iPhone x, and the 'degree of violation' was reduced. According to the data obtained by onleaks, another big explosive God, the vertical width of mate 20 pro's fringe is 6.8mm, and the lower frame is 3.8mm.

There are other small details in the picture, such as the integrated volume key on the right, the power button for red processing, etc.

As for the back, Roland's other image continues to confirm that mate 20 Pro will use a rear square camera module, with three cameras arranged in an L-shape, surrounded by a flash square.

In addition, this picture also shows the freebus 2 Pro real wireless Bluetooth headset and wireless charger that Huawei may be sending synchronously. A very interesting feature is that mate 20 Pro can charge the freebus 2 Pro because of its large battery (it is said that 4200mah).

According to a batch of new photos on the Internet, only usb-c and Mic are reserved at the bottom of mate 20 pro, and there seems to be a 3.5mm headphone hole reserved at the top.

Based on the current information, mate 20 Pro is expected to use a 6.25-inch 2K resolution curved screen with integrated Qilin 980 chip, continue IP67 waterproof, and even integrate 3D structured light module in the "bangs".

As for when Huawei mate 20 will be released in China and how much it will cost, it's unclear. We have to wait for Huawei official announcement.