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Can I downgrade the official IOS 12

Can I downgrade the official IOS 12 Recently, apple officially pushed the update of IOS 12 official version to iPhone users. Many users chose the first update. However, after the update, they found that it was not easy to use and wanted to downgrade. Can IOS 12 be downgraded? How to downgrade the official IOS 12? Come and have a look.

How to downgrade the official version of Apple IOS 12

1. Turn on IPSW on the computer( )

2. Then select your model and the firmware version to be installed

It should be noted that "& Radio;" indicates that the IOS firmware has been signed and can be upgraded; and "& times;" indicates that the IOS firmware has not been signed and the verification channel has been closed (it cannot be upgraded).


3. Click download.

4. After downloading, put iPhone / iPad into DFU mode.

Make sure the machine is turned on, and then select the following operations according to your model:

IPhone 7 and earlier

Press and hold the power and volume reduction (before 6S, press and hold the home key for 10 seconds to release the power.

Press and hold home or volume down until iTunes prompts.

After iPhone 8

Press the volume up key, and then press the volume down key.

Press and hold the power key until iTunes prompts.

3. Connect to the computer, open iTunes, wait for the following prompt, click OK.

4. Press and hold shift on the keyboard (option for Mac users), click Restore on iTunes, and select the. IPSW firmware you just downloaded.

Special reminder: remember to use iTunes to back up the data in advance when upgrading or demoting! It must be a personal computer instead of any public computer. Check back up to this computer instead of icloud.