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What's the difference between iPhone X and iPhone XS

What's the difference between iPhone X and iPhone XS in the early morning of September 13, 2018, apple officially released the new iPhone series at the autumn new product conference. In this conference, there are three new iPhone XS, iPhone xsmax and iPhone XR. The iPhone XS is the most similar to the iPhone x released last year in terms of appearance, size and configuration. What upgrades have been made to the iPhone XS? What are the differences between iPhone XS and iPhone x? Let's take a look at them.

1、 Appearance

1. Both iPhone XS and iPhone x use 5.8-inch heteromorphic full screen with a resolution of 2436 x 1125. According to Apple's official data, when displaying HDR video or pictures, iPhone XS has higher color restoration and wider color gamut.

2. The iPhone XS has three colors of gold and black and white, while the iPhone x only has two colors of black and white. Gold is the most obvious identification to distinguish the iPhone XS and iPhone X.

3. There are differences in camera positions. According to media evaluation, the position of the rear camera of the iPhone XS and iPhone x is slightly offset.

4. The location of the antenna strip. The iPhone XS has a new antenna strip at the top and a new antenna strip at the bottom, but it is difficult to distinguish.

5. In terms of weight, according to the data on the official website, the iPhone XS weighs 3 grams more than the iPhone x, but the handheld can't tell.

2、 Configuration

1. The iPhone XS face recognition is upgraded to the second generation, and officials say it can unlock faster than the iPhone X.

2. The iPhone XS uses the latest A12 bionic processor, and the A12 processor is made of 7Nm technology. The iPhone x uses a11 bionic processor, which has the same CPU structure, improved GPU performance, and is more intelligent in AR scene recognition.

3. The camera, iPhone XS camera and iPhone x use the same wide-angle + telephoto combination of double 12 million pixels, but the upgrade is sure to have, but it may not have much room for improvement.

4. Storage, the iPhone XS is available in 64g, 256g and 518g, while the iPhone x only has 64g and 256g storage.

3、 Price

The iPhone X's official website in China has been taken off the shelves, and we have no reference for how much the price has been reduced. Last year, the initial price of iPhone X was 8388 yuan, while this year, the price of iPhone XS has increased since the initial price of 8688 yuan.

Is the iPhone XS worth buying?

Conclusion: the iPhone XS is just a regular upgrade of iPhone X. it's not surprising or even tiny. It doesn't even have unique functions. It's obviously not worth upgrading for iPhone x users, but for iPhone 8 and below users, friends who want to experience the full screen of iPhone, it's recommended to upgrade.